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  1. haggis2a

    Vintage Safety Razors reworked

    A series of posts and pics relating to rework (refurbishment, replating, recoating, etc) of vintage safety razors.
  2. haggis2a

    Anybody here use a shim with their razor?

    I've been using a shim with my Mühle R89 for the last couple of days and was interested in hearing whether anyone else in GSL had experience modifying their usual shave gear. I am a big fan of the R89 (and most things Mühle) but have sometimes been left wondering whether I could get closer...
  3. haggis2a

    Custom brush handles

    What customs brush or brush handles do you have in your collection?
  4. haggis2a

    Tales Of A Novice Bladerunner

    Now that I’m firmly back in the DE safety razor world, I’ve been working through a set of blade samples to determine what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve collated my findings and present them here for information and to encourage debate among the forum members. The details shown here are...
  5. haggis2a

    Hello from the land of the long white cloud

    Hi all, joined the B&B site a short while ago and loaded some details into the Hall of Fame. Just realised I haven't introduced myself on the Newbie forum, so here goes. I'm a recent convert to DE shaving (November 2016) after enduring many years of expensive cartridge razors that gave me skin...
  6. haggis2a

    Opinions on various shave soaps / creams for sensitive skin

    Hi, I'm a recent convert to DE shaving, returning to it after many years of multi-blade cartridges and mass produced shaving gels causing all sorts of problems. I'm wary of anything that is likely to cause reactions or post-shave dryness and burn. I am sensitive to high levels of fragrance...
  7. haggis2a

    haggis2a's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Alex What are your nicknames/aliases? Crudes Where do you live? Auckland, New Zealand What is your age (or) generation? 56 What are you in the real world? Head of IT What is your favorite shave setup? Muhle Stylo (R89) razor and silvertip...