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  1. Senshi

    PIF: Irish Seconds Bulldog and Rossi Pipe Case

    Good afternoon everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but haven’t had the time. This is an Irish seconds pipe that I was gifted by a very generous brother of the leaf when I first started pipe smoking. It’s a nice dark sandblast that wasn’t good enough to get the Peterson...
  2. Senshi

    Ohh the Humanity!

    Lately I've buckled down and started adding all my tins and jars to tobaccocellar.com. It was a long time coming and I figured it would be worth it to just do it and get it over with. I'll admit it's kind of fun seeing how many pounds and how old your tins are in a spread sheet. I recommend it...
  3. Senshi

    PIF: Black Friday Black Jack

    Good evening brothers of the leaf. Is your belt still set on notch number one from yesterday? Are you feeling lethargic from a tryptophan overdose? Did the guy in front of you this morning get the last TV door buster deal? Well fear not! There's still a chance to win something in the BL, for...
  4. Senshi

    Pipe Pouch PIF

    I have been on the receiving end of many a tobacco bounty. So I'd like to move that good karma forward. I have this "Savinelli" pipe pouch. Bought it on eBay from China and it has served me well. I just don't use it any more. It holds two pipes and has an inside compartment along with a...
  5. Senshi

    March Meerschaum Madness

    First off, Happy Leap Year! Now let's get down to brass tacks here. The white goddess awaits... March is the month where your meerschaums go in white as lambs and come out as yellow and brown as lions' manes! I have many a meerschaum but I will admit, I choose my briars more often than not...
  6. Senshi

    Tobacquisitions for November 2015

    Got a lot of goodies from the Saint Sue auction in October. But that was last month. So I picked up a coral era Ser Jacopo Rowlette billiard with a horn insert. My affinity for SJ pipes grows with each acquisition. What do you fine gents have to show for this month?
  7. Senshi

    Neither Smurf nor Stew

    Hello Gents, I am turning in my Steward badge. Since coming home from Japan I have had very little time for B&B. I started a new job, have been jumping through hoops to get Akina's visa application complete and have been adjusting back to life in general. I want to thank you all for...
  8. Senshi

    Annual Saint Sue Auction 2015

    The Annual 'Saint' Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser is fast approaching. This will be our 5th annual event and we hope it is our most successful event yet! We can not pull this off alone and we rely on our generous membership to donate items to be auctioned. If you are not familiar with the...
  9. Senshi

    Tobaccquisitions for September 2015

    August brought some wonderful goodies. Let's see what September has in store for us.
  10. Senshi

    Tobacquisitions for August 2015

    There are some of us who are waiting for the acquisition this month (looking at you BK) but that's no reason to share the others :) I got a tin of C&D Night Train from Ryota yesterday. What a sneaky man he is. It already has a year on it and I'll probably crack it open when I'm back in the states.
  11. Senshi

    How do you feel about bowl coatings?

    I find myself liking them less and less. I understand that they help form a cake quicker, can help prevent against burnouts and even create a sense of completion and/or balance on a finished pipe. But on the other hand, I like watching the cake being built up little by little with each bowl...
  12. Senshi

    Tobacquisitions for July 2015

    Well we're past the half way point of 2015 and some of you fine people have come up with excellent goodies. With temperatures rising, some of us need to sit out back with cold drink in hand and delicous leaf. What are you adding to your salvo?
  13. Senshi

    : Time to submit it, 2015 Brown Leaf LE Pipes

    :pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe::a14::pipe: Hear Ye, Hear ye!:a50: Gather round brothers! For we have the 4th installment of the Brown Leaf Limited Edition Pipes! I'm sorry did you say 3 and then 2? Why yes! :w00t: For the first time ever...
  14. Senshi

    Flavor God?

    I was using social media and someone I know tagged this company. I've never seen it before but it seems they have a decent following. They appear to be a relatively new company that sends out bundles of spices that are "freshly ground". A lot of the paleo people seem to fans of theirs. I...
  15. Senshi

    3017ing Tobacco?

    Hello Gents As some of you may know, I will be moving back to the states for good at the beginning of August. Needless to say, I have a lot to pack up. Something I'm trying to reduce is opened tobacco. Having already paid a premium; in shipping to get it over here, or in the B&Ms, I don't...
  16. Senshi

    I don't like it, but I respect it.

    The thread title is a joke that my friends always say to me. I may not appreciate the music of a certain band but I do respect them. Well, I feel the same way about some tobaccos. Now, there are some blends that are just downright awful to me. But others just aren't for me. Taste like...
  17. Senshi

    Tobacquisitions for June 2015

    Well were half way through the year and many have acquired some wonderful gear. Let's see what June has to offer. I picked up a Wessex sandblast panel with a hand cut Cumberland stem. Was NOS but I already put a couple bowls through it.
  18. Senshi

    Tsss Ah, Push it

    ....push it real good? No, not this I'm talking about pipe cleaners and how far you run them into your pipe. My typical post smoke ritual is; 1. Lightly scrape the dottle out from he bottom of the bowl and lightly knock it out on a cork or by tapping the bottom of the bowl when it's...
  19. Senshi

    Tobacquisitions for May 2015

    Another month down and yet another month to get more tobaciana. I picked up a morta Lovat from pipa Ciro for my birthday last month. I'm normally not into blue on pipes but I liked it so much I had to have it. It's got a great feel in the hand and A very capacious chamber
  20. Senshi

    Einstein's Pipe Article

    Here's a link to the article off of the Smithsonian's website I like the part where they claim bite marks as "evidence" he put them pipe in his mouth even when he wasn't smoking :huh: I guess they've never heard of clinching. :glare: