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  1. OldSaw

    Art of Shaving at Marshal’s

    Snagged a couple of tubs of Art of Shaving eucalyptus shave cream at Marshal’s today for $8 each. Also got a peppermint for $10. I’m not sure how I will like them, but I couldn’t resist the price.
  2. OldSaw

    Chubby 3 & Omega 6213

    I bought an Omega 6213 in Barcelona two years ago and it has been my favorite brush. A year ago I finally caved in and bought a Simpson Chubby 3, thinking that it would be the new leader of the pack. Sadly, it was not and only recently has been getting more use. I was almost ready to sell it...
  3. OldSaw


    Anyone have any Kora yak wool garments? I recently added a base layer set to my winter wardrobe. The weather is still pretty tolerable, but I’m really digging the long sleeve quarter zip top under my baggy high vis shirt. It really does a fantastic job at wicking. Plus it doesn’t stink even...
  4. OldSaw

    Final Setup

    For those who’ve been around a while, what is your final setup? I’m not talking desert island setups where you have to chose from your existing stuff what you would be forced to use exclusively for the rest of your life. I’m talking about, of all the stuff you’ve tried over the years, what have...
  5. OldSaw

    Nicks Builder Pro Boots Break-in Log

    I started sharing about my new arrival of a pair of Nicks Builder Pro boots in a thread by @eelhc and decided I should start a new thread to document the lengthy breaking in process. Here’s a few pics:
  6. OldSaw

    Bow Tie Finding Help

    My eldest stepdaughter is getting married in March. She has turned down all of my bow tie selections so far. She gave me this piece of a swatch and wants this color, either solid or in the pattern. Please offer me your suggestions. I prefer self tie, but at this stage I’ll settle for a pre-tied...
  7. OldSaw

    Stormy Kromer... Finally! Plus I’m a Sucker for a Sale

    I had a chance to stop in at the Stormy Kromer factory store in Ironwood, MI this week and snagged a discontinued black hat with gray herringbone ear cover (slightly below regular price). Plus the big deal of the day was a red plaid Mackinaw jacket for a mere hundred dollars! Here’s a picture...
  8. OldSaw

    Buying Blades on a Cruise Ship

    Does anyone know if you can buy DE blades on a cruise ship? I’ve been on several cruises and never noticed if they had them in their tiny store. I normally just bring a few disposables along or buy blades at my destination and bring them onboard in my luggage. However, this time we will not be...
  9. OldSaw

    Dearborn Denim

    Has anyone tried Dearborn Denim jeans? What are your thoughts? I’m a sucker for their kind of advertising and don’t want to get sucked in if they are just average.
  10. OldSaw

    Help! John Varvatos boots

    I love these John Varvatos triple strap boots. They are currently out of stock and the retail price of $1198 was at least double what I’d be willing to pay. So does anyone know of a similar style that can be had for a reasonable price? I already have a pair of Frye double strap boots, which are...
  11. OldSaw

    Wool & Prince Shirts

    I just received my first order of shirts from Wool & Prince and wanted to see what others think about these products. I’ve been wanting a merino wool dress shirt for a while and recently decided to try one from Wool & Prince. I really wanted a tried and true blue Oxford, but they had a red...
  12. OldSaw

    Umbrella Inside Cane

    I've been looking for an umbrella/cane combo with the umbrella stored inside of the cane. The only one that I’ve found so far is this one by Concord - Crook Handle Cane w/Umbrella Inside It seems like just the ticket, but I haven’t found a single review. Here is my logic for wanting such a...
  13. OldSaw

    Finally! Chubby 3

    After all these years I finally pulled the trigger on a Simpson Chubby 3 in best badger. I must say, I was pretty impressed with its lathering ability on a puck of Mitchel’s Woolfat. It is now standing proudly next to the Omega brush that I picked up in Barcelona, with a Simpson Commodore...
  14. OldSaw

    Nikon D3200 Quick Help Needed

    I decided on a whim to get a DSLR for my youngest one’s wedding. A friend sold me his barely used Nikon D3200 with two zoom lenses, 18-55 and 55-200. So with virtually no time for reading manuals and books (just ordered Nikon D3200 for Dummies), I want to use it at the wedding this Saturday...
  15. OldSaw

    Ribbed Tee, first order received

    I just received my first order of Tencel t-shirts from Ribbed Tee. My first impression is pretty positive and I want to send out a big THANK YOU to @Tim_McD for recommending this company on several occasions. Also to my wife who recently sent me a link to their site, which prompted me to head...
  16. OldSaw

    Easter Colors

    I stopped by a fabric store today on the way home from work and got two different silk fabrics on clearance for $5 each for a half yard. I thought they were perfect for Easter pocket squares. I have at least two bow ties that will work with this. I’m also going to wear a pink on pink pinstripe...
  17. OldSaw

    Snarky Nomad

    Anyone else a fan of The Snarky Nomad? I’ve been reading his blog for few years now and have made several purchases, like the Aviator travel jeans, based on his recommendations. I wasn’t sure which category to post this in because clothing is a big part of what he does I thought the...
  18. OldSaw

    Cashmere Heartland

    Does anyone have any experience buying from Cashmere Heartland? Pure Cashmere Sweaters, Mens, Womens Cashmere Sweater Sales, Cardigan Cashmere I’m looking for an ivory/white/natural slim fitting turtleneck to go with my blue blazer. I was thinking merino because I thought cashmere would be...
  19. OldSaw


    I’ve been spoiling myself lately. This just came in the mail today. Nice touch with the hand writing. Also had a hand written card inside welcoming me as a customer. I ordered and received a pair of red over the calf socks in merino wool and a pair of periwinkle blue in linen. You can view them...
  20. OldSaw

    Bespoke Suit, Your Thoughts

    I've recently begun the process of acquiring a bespoke suit for my youngest one’s wedding. She told me what they were looking for in fathers attire and I just hate rented tuxedos as they never fit me right. I took the picture of what she sent me to a local tailor and showed it to him. I told...