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  1. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    I have decided that through all of 2019 I will use a different shaving soap every day. Why? 1) I found the razor and blade I like (Post-war Gold Gillette fat handle Tech, Astra SP blade) so the only thing left for trying new things is soaps. 2) I've developed an interest in scents. Colognes...
  2. DoctorStrobe

    Flea market find - Shaving kit, Polish?

    Found this shaving kit at a local flea market. $8 Nice case with mirror, shaving brush, soap container, razor and one blade. The blade is a "Rawa Lux" made in Poland. It's double wrapped but a bit rusty. The brush looks to be in good condition. Not sure what type of hair. Boar maybe? Tried...
  3. DoctorStrobe


    I saw this old Gillette shaving instruction on a thread about the Ranger Tech over in the safety razor sub. Figure 2 says to shave with a diagonal stroke. Does anyone do this? Seems dangerous, like slicing a ham... Maybe I'm just not reading it right?
  4. DoctorStrobe

    Best and worst Halloween candy?

    As I sit here munching on a few "extra" fun sizes I figured I'd pose the question. Me: Best: Milky Way all the way. Worst: Necco wafers. They were like little discs of chalk.
  5. DoctorStrobe

    The Gillette Blade - Archived Magazine

    Found this on Archive.org. It's a magazine of sorts put out by Gillette in 1918-1919. The Gillette blade .. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive This seemed the best place to post it... Part one of the origin of the Gillette safety razor: The Gillette blade .. : Free...
  6. DoctorStrobe

    Hair growth direction in problem area

    While preparing for tonight's shave (Night shaver), I noticed that the hair on my neck suddenly changes direction. From the top of my Adam's apple down the hairs grow SOUTH to NORTH with a slight angle toward my nose. Above that they are NORTH to SOUTH. I used my magnifying mirror and I can see...
  7. DoctorStrobe

    Going back in time

    Hello, I did my first shave ever with a DE safety razor tonight. I just happened to get my new razor kit on the same day as I received a new record player so I had an old vinyl record (The Ventures - Walk Don't Run) playing during the first shave. Felt like going back in time... I had been...