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  1. jfume

    WTB Above The Tie Cap

    Just picked up a few ATT base plates to try, so now I need a cap. Not super picky on the finish. Let me know if you have one to spare. Thanks!
  2. jfume

    What is this? Vintage Gillette ID help

    I bought this impulsively without doing my due diligence, and can't positively ID it. The case looks to be for a British #77, but this is not (as far as I can tell) a #77 razor. I can't find this exact combination on the Mr. Razor site. It's a nice razor (and some sort of LC British NEW), and...
  3. jfume

    Help with European Razor ID

    Not sure what this is. It came in a lot of razors from Europe. No markings. It looks to be crudely made, but the handle is superb: nice weight and excellent knurling. Shave reminds me a little of a Barbasol FH.
  4. jfume

    Thin Bar Handle Question

    I just purchased a razor lot on the 'popular auction site' and among the offerings was a batch of 'Franken-razors' including one with a thin common bar handle (see photo, top) with a Tech head. Other than an Otto Roth stamped NEW on the Mr Razor ID Site, I don't see another razor that uses this...
  5. jfume

    First Shave with a Blue Tip

    I recently acquired a Blue Tip in a lot of several razors, and have been reading here and elsewhere about how mild they are. On a whim, I loaded mine with a Feather and gave it a try. The razor and blade combination provided an excellent nick and irritation-free Shave. Definitely a keeper!
  6. jfume

    Unique sighting in the wild.

    I was performing at a festival in southeast Ohio, and the band 'dressing room' was the city municipal building. I walked in to the mens room, and saw this hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, it is not for sale (I asked).
  7. jfume


    Tracking shows delivery today. Can't wait!
  8. jfume

    Opinions: Keep or Throw Back?

    I'm still new to the safety razor realm, and don't have a great deal of experience regarding what is and what is not a major alignment issue. Long story short, I have right of refusal on this razor and would like opinions on whether it may possibly be fixed. Opposite side is undamaged, and the...
  9. jfume

    Help with ID

    Just picked this up, and am not sure what it is. I was thinking I had seen a post recently with a razor just like this one (or maybe similar)?
  10. jfume

    Red Tip Head Variations

    These two Red Tips showed up today. The one on the left is an A-2, and the one on the right is an A-4. For a second, I thought the A-4 had been ground down or modified, but a web search has turned up several photos of other Red Tips that look just like it. Is this a common head variant (the A-2...
  11. jfume

    Check In

    Hello all. Very much enjoying the page and forums. Dove into the wet shaving pool just a few weeks ago after being continually underwhelmed by my cartridge experience. Started with an EJ D89, then started hunting for vintage DE and SE razors. Went from owning just the EJ to about 25 assorted...