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  1. zed117

    Want to dive in to higher end badger

    I’ve exhausted my RAD both vintage and modern, and explored many soaps and balms in my years here. However, when it comes to brushes, I was mostly a boar/Synthetic guy. I do have a very nice Stirling Badger, but have decided its finally time to step into something thats not under $50. Paladin...
  2. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    I am awestruck by my CG level 2. I’ve been hunting the ultimate razor for years now, first many vintage, then modern. As my RAD subsidizes, my purchases became less and less frequent. A few very talked about razors a year, and perhaps a new soap base. I had become quite content with my RFB...
  3. zed117

    Thinking about a Charcoal Goods

    I’ve been itching for a new razor for quite awhile, but not sure what razor would scratch that itch. I’ve heard wonderful things about Charcoal Goods from some shave friends, but have not seen much talk about them lately. I’m mostly a vintage user, but have tried several modern razors such as...
  4. zed117

    Rex Envoy first thoughts

    The Rex Ambassador is basically a Gibbs replica in SS, and one of my favorite modern razors, along with the Game Changer .84, 6s, and Karve. The Envoy is a 3 piece version of the Ambassador, mimicking setting 3. Got another shave in today with the Rex Envoy and after several uses I am positive...
  5. zed117

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" November 4th - November 10th, 2019

    I’m getting married today gentlemen, which means looking my best. Today I need the help of Barristers Reserve, Solar Flare brush, Stirling EDT, Nivea Balm, Nacet, Captains Choice Bowl, Oasis Clay, Rex Ambassador and more; many thanks to all here who have helped my grooming game over the last 6...
  6. zed117

    Matte hair products suggestions?

    I am lucky to have hair that can naturally style a bit. I’ve never enjoyed Gel or hairspray, due to the shiny greasy look. Well I discovered Matte Pomade and my hair game has changed. This stuff looks natural, has great hold and no shine. Suggestions on what to try next? I’ve been using...
  7. zed117

    MDC Agrumes first impressions

    When I first joined B&B I tried a lot of the classic soap makers, but never got around to MDC besides a small fougere sample. The scent did not appeal to me and I moved on to the explosion of artisan soaps that is still on going. Well I’ve settled down and mostly use Barristers Reserve these...
  8. zed117

    Citrus aftershave to pair with MDC Agrumes

    What would you gentlemen suggest as an aftershave to pair with MDC, Agrumes specifically. I currently use Aqua Velva and Nivea Balm, looking to up my aftershave game.
  9. zed117

    Thoughts and ranking of some Gillette models

    Since joining B&B in 2014 I have had the pleasure to try many vintage Gillette’s, and would like to offer a summary of my impressions. I have added pictures to help members understand the general models I am talking about, and they can search specifics. The Old types: What can I say? I firmly...
  10. zed117

    First time buying suit and dress shoes

    Hey B&B, I am finishing college this summer and it is time to invest in a good suit and dress shoes. Any reason I shouldn't just go down to Mens Warehouse and get Oxfords and a suit or two? I've never owned a suit before, although I already were nice dress shirts and pants for work. (With...
  11. zed117

    Unsure of New Astra package.

    Hey everyone. I recently ordered 100 Astra sp from Amazon. I am well aware of the lazer engraving change, as I have those already. This package features the P&G logo, says Astra TM instead of R, and a few other changes. The blades and wrappers look identical, so probably just an update?
  12. zed117

    ATT Kronos R1 review

    Good evening B&B. I had my first shave with an Above The Tie razor today, and thought I would offer my first impressions. I have listed my rotation to give you an idea of razors I like: Modern: Rockwell 6S, Rex Ambassador. Vintage: Gillette NEW RFB, Aristocrat Jr 49'(#21 head), Gillette...
  13. zed117

    New vape recommendations?

    I didn't even know we had a vape subforum. Long time vaper here, my mod is at least 3 years old, any recommendations fellow B&B members?
  14. zed117

    Red Rocket review

    When I started wet shaving 4 years ago one of the first razors suggested to me here was the red tip superspeed. A good razor but I soon went down the rabbit hole and was smitten with British Gillettes. Be it a NEW or Aristocrat I found that the U.K. versions had more heft and shaved my face...
  15. zed117

    Dr Selby Lavander bowl. Where has it gone?

    Question for B&B members: Dr Selby triple milled from Uruguay, was being carried by Vendors and Websites here in the US. Circa 2014 or 2015. Running low on my Lavender bowl and went to look for more. Can't seem to find any at all. Has it been discontinued?
  16. zed117

    Falling in love with Synthetics

    In the five years I’ve been wetshaving I have mainly been a boar guy with a badger on weekends. Lately I’ve been using synthetics. Very soft and they don’t hog lather. You need to add a bit more water, but it’s easy to fine tune your lather with them. Super easy to clean and dry them too. I...
  17. zed117

    Xbox wetshavers?

    Hey gang. I've been playing Halo since 2001, I wonder if there are any other gamers here that play the Master Chief collection, fortnite, cod, overwatch, etc. Any other members here with an Xbox that play regularly? We should start a club and lobby up.
  18. zed117

    Will corrosion on my case affect the Razor?

    Hey guys, had trouble finding an answer to this. Should I be worried about corrosion outside the case affecting the Razor? I sent it out for a replate, and not sure if sitting in it over the next few decades will comprise it.
  19. zed117

    B&M Cologne Russe, great lather strange scent

    Picked this one up due to the SWMBO's fascination with Russia and the Romanov's. She loves it! I am not sure if i do. I don't get the violet at all. The amber is nice and strong but but the petitgrain which i have never smelled before is..musky? the whole combination smells to me like a...
  20. zed117

    Razorock Irish Countryside

    I have been in 3017 mode in the last two years. Finally went through most of them. First new arrival is one I’ve been wanting to try since it released. I like this newTallow formula over the older versions I have tried from razorock. Irish Countryside is on the lightly scented side. However it...