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    Brush thinning.

    4.Brad Sears Shaveworks, CHS 26mm. (Select). $135.00. 5. Wild west brushworks handle with a Yaqi HMW 24x50mm. $50.00. 6. Wild West Brushworks handle with a Elite razors Manchurian. 24x48 fan. $50.00 Conus 5.00 shipping, thanks for looking.
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    Brush down sizing.

    Hi, several very nice brushes up for sale at a minimum of $60.00 below retail, all used only a few times. No issues. Shipping $5.00 continental US. Thanks for looking. 1. Brad Sears Shaveworks, Gonzo 30mm. (Select). $175.00 2. Brad Sears Shaveworks, Knight 28mm. (Select). $155.00 3. Brad...
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    TF custom shave brush.

    Hi, does anyone have a TF custom Manchurian? If so how do they compare to say Elite, Declaration, ect. Thanks.
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    22/66 vs 58 head design.

    Does anyone know if the British Gillette Aristocrat no 22/66 utilizes the same head design as the British Gillette no 58? Thanks.
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    West Coast Shaving new brushes.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to try their new silvertip badger brushes?
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    APSHAVE CO. Cashmere.

    I'm on a bit of a synthetic brush spree. I purchased the three knots offered by APSHAVE CO. And sunk them into whipped dog handles. I must say for all the well deserved talk about the tuxedo knot I think I like the cashmere the best. If you haven't already tried it you owe it to yourself to do...
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    Razor storage and display option.

    Hi, just wanted to share the way I store and display my razors. I have this in my closet, kind of utilitarian but very effective and nice to have them all right there for easy access and viewing. It is a plastic pegboard with screw driver holders.
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    Advice needed on replate.

    I recently had three aristocrats replated and was told that the no 16 could not be taken apart, so it was replated assembled. I noticed that the area between the handle and knob was not plated. The answer I received was it needed to have the doors open during the plating thus consealing that...