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  1. 01HDFXD

    Can a boar brush be over-soaked?

    Is there any harm to soaking a boar brush overnight, as long as the glue isn't submerged?
  2. 01HDFXD

    Are All Feather Blades Created Equal?

    I noticed that Amazon has a bunch of listings for Feather blades. All are described as Hi Stainless, some with the added word "Platinum." Some of the photographs show Yellow, black and red wrappers, and some show black and gray wrappers. Are all of these the same, despite the different...
  3. 01HDFXD

    WTB New RFB

    I am looking for a Gillette New Raised Flat Bottom (RFB). The condition of the finish is unimportant as long as the head is structurally intact and undamaged. I have a Like New Above the Tie Colossus handle and a nickel replated New Long Comb head available, if you are interested in a trade...
  4. 01HDFXD

    Favorite Blade for ATT S2?

    I know: YMMV. But I'd like to know which blades pair best with the ATT S2 head for you all. So far, I have found that Feathers and Voskhods don't feel at all comfortable when I shave with them, but Astra SP's are a pretty good match. What blade do all you ATT S2 shavers like to use?
  5. 01HDFXD

    WTB: Thin Cap Old Type

    I am looking for a Thin Cap Old Type, preferably in user grade, but in good enough condition to be a candidate for replating down the road. I am primarily interested in the head, but I am willing to take a complete razor. If you are interested in an ATT Kronos handle in LN condition, I have...
  6. 01HDFXD

    Push Button Popping Open?

    I took my push button out for a couple of shaves over the week-end. The first one went fine, great actually. On the second one, the top popped open part way through. I figured I must not have pushed the button all the way when I closed it, so I put the blade back in and closed it up again. A...
  7. 01HDFXD

    Best Place to Buy 100 GSB's?

    My son is a big fan of GSB's, so I want to pick up 100 for him. Who has the cheapest price on the 'net these days? TIA.
  8. 01HDFXD

    WTT: My LN ATT Atlas Handle for Gillette RFB New

    I would like to trade my Like New Above the Tie Atlas handle (handle only) for a Raised Flat Bottom (RFB) Gillette New. The Atlas has been used only a few times, has been cleaned and dried after each use and has never been dropped, scratched, etc. It is simply a bit too short for my XL hands...
  9. 01HDFXD

    iTunes Store Down Today (3/11/15)

    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the iTunes store today? I have been getting a message that it is unavailable all morning.
  10. 01HDFXD

    WTB: New SC w/ Ball-end Handle

    I am looking for a New Short Comb with a ball-end handle as a gift for my son. It must be mechanically/structurally perfect (e.g. no bent teeth, no handle cracks, etc.). If the plating is excellent or better, I am looking for a gold one. If the finish is user grade, that's fine, and I will...
  11. 01HDFXD

    ATT S2: RAD Killer

    This morning, I popped my new S2 head onto my Colossus handle and took it for its maiden voyage. My first ATT was the M2 (I use open comb razors exclusively, except for Schick Injectors), and I love the M2. I had thought I might try the R2, so my wife got me one for Christmas. I tried it and...
  12. 01HDFXD

    AK47 Manual?

    Is there a decent user's manual for AK47's, or should I just stick with YouTube?
  13. 01HDFXD

    Why Did I Switch from Injectors 50 years ago?

    I started shaving in the 1950's with various Gillette DE razors. Then in the late '50's-early '60's I switched to Schick Injectors. At the time, I thought they were a new design, being clueless that they had been around since at least the '30's. Then, when multiple blade razors and cartridges...
  14. 01HDFXD

    C Type Question

    Can the C Type (Simplified Repeating) Schick Injector be loaded with contemporary blades, or do you have to use vintage pre-loaded magazines? TIA.
  15. 01HDFXD

    Schick Injector PIF

    I was recently fortunate enough to win a Schick Injector PIF, and now it's my turn to Pay It Forward. It is a Schick G1 (I believe) with a black handle. The head is definitely user grade, with lots of discoloring, but it functions perfectly. In fact, it led me to start collecting and using...
  16. 01HDFXD

    Heavier Injector?

    I'm really starting to love my Schick Injectors, but I miss the weight and substantiality of my DE razors. Did/does anyone make an injector razor with more mass than the vintage Schicks?
  17. 01HDFXD

    Shick P10?

    I just scored a mint P10 and wondered how it is likely to shave compared to the G1 I have been using. Anyone with any experience with the P series?
  18. 01HDFXD

    Injectors on Airplanes?

    Does anyone know if you can carry an injector razor and blades onto an airplane these days?
  19. 01HDFXD

    You SE Guys Are Killing My Bank Account

    I had my DE RAD under reasonable control. Then I started following the SE thread. Next thing I knew, I had 2 1912's and a G Bar. Then I started reading your comments on Shick Injectors. Now I have a G1 coming in the mail and I'm prowling eBay waiting to pounce... Please, mommy, make it stop!
  20. 01HDFXD

    What to Expect?

    I have been using only OC double edge razors, but I got sick of the ridiculous prices and just scored a lot of 3 Gems on eBay. It's hard to tell exactly what they are, but they look like 2 1912's and maybe a Micromatic (it has an angled extension at the bottom of the handle). I know I will...