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  1. NoScrubs

    Mac vs Windows 10

    I am considering a MacBook 13. If you have moved from a windows laptop to a MacBook (Apple operating system) what are your thoughts. Yes/no. Thank you
  2. NoScrubs

    FS Dart and Rockwell 6S

    1) Rockwell (Stainless) 6S, excellent condition: $75.00 Shipped CONUS 2) Blackland Dart (Machined), excellent condition: $75.00 Shipped CONUS
  3. NoScrubs

    A Great Shave with a $10 Tech

    Last week on BST the seller had several razors for sale, one of which was a target razor for me. I made an offer on the target razor and tossed 2 Techs in the offer to make it a better deal for the seller and reduce the price of my target razor. The Techs were $10.00 user grade razors. The 3...
  4. NoScrubs

    Toss it or Restore it

    Recently with the help of B&B members, I started polishing a few of my modern matte razors with excellent results so I thought that I would give an old razor that seemed lost a shot. I found a Goodwill online that looked hopeless but I wanted a good test. The photos show before and after with a...
  5. NoScrubs

    The Quick Hook, Instant Gratification, or Patient?

    When you acquire a new razor how many shaves before it stays or goes? Too often I think that we do not give a new tool enough time. I often see razors on BST for sale and the comment like new "only used 2-3 times". I think that we may abandon a new razor too soon in part because we have several...
  6. NoScrubs

    FS Rockwell, Jaws, GC, Schick

    All prices shipped CONUS included. Additional photos on request. Rockwell 6S ..................$75.00 (6 Settings) Razo Rock Jaws .............$45.00 Game Changer OC 84.....$55.00 Colonial Handle .............$20.00 Eversharp/Schick G .......$20.00 Vielong Pelo (new) .........$5.00 (add...
  7. NoScrubs

    Windsor SE1 from Satin to Polished

    Above the Tie closed out their Windsor SE1 Satin stock for half price in December. I was fortunate to grab one before they were gone at a great discount. Once received I swapped out the stock handle (which is a nice handle) for the Razorock Titanium to reduce the overall weight of the razor and...
  8. NoScrubs

    Schick Injector Lot and Timeless Ti OC base.

    "E", "G", cases and injectors sold as Lot only. $70.00 Schick “E” and Schick “G”, both razors are in great condition w/cases. The "E" includes a great case and instruction booklet and was a true NOS when I purchased it and has only been used a couple of times. The "G" also has a case and is...
  9. NoScrubs

    FS RazoRock GC & Mamba, GEM's, Karve Base

    Price includes CONUS Shipping (buy 2 reduce total $5, buy 3 reduce total $10, buy 4 reduce the total by $15) Ever-Ready 1914 $30.00 (super nice) Featherweight w/Case $35.00 Purchased NOS-Used Twice, great condition G-Bar w/Case$20.00 (excellent) MMOC w/Case $25.00 (excellent) Eversharp Lot...
  10. NoScrubs

    The "Bird" has Landed.

    The “Bird” has Landed. Yesterday late in the afternoon my overdue Blackbird arrived and after one shave it was worth the delay. My first “BB” shave short version. "This might be the closest shave I have ever experienced". Pre-shave: Grooming Dept. (if you do not have some, buy some) Razor...
  11. NoScrubs

    FS Charcoal Goods, Timeless, Blackland, Gillette

    All prices are shipped CONUS The Dart, CG, and Timeless are near 25% discount vs. retail. All razors are in excellent condition unless noted. Additional photos on request. Blackland Dart-Machined $75.00 (Retail $99.00) Only used about 4 times-like new Charcoal Goods Brass L2 $195.00 (Retail...
  12. NoScrubs

    Blackland Dart “First Shave, First Impression”

    Yesterday I received a once used Dart from BST at a great price. This purchase was a mix of curiosity, impulse and the opportunity to compare the Dart to the Blackbird that I have pre-ordered. Pre-Shave: Grooming Dept. (amazing stuff) Soap: MWF Brush: Simpson (short and firm for MWF) Blades...
  13. NoScrubs

    FS Charcoal Goods and Gillette/Schick Lot

    First up: Charcoal Goods Level 2 with the Victorian Handle and Victorian Cap. This is a gorgeous set and a great shave. Retail $255.00 Sale Price $220.00 Shipped CONUS Next Up: Sold as a lot (4 razors): 1-Schick Adjustable M Series w/case and injector. (excellent condition) 2-Schick Adjustable...
  14. NoScrubs

    Top Ten Gillette Vintage Razors

    I am starting to collect and use Vintage Gillette Razors that shave well. What are your top 10 Vintage Gillette razors that provide a great shave? List any number of favorites from 1-10. Thank you
  15. NoScrubs

    FS Charcoal Goods L3 with or without Torpedo Handle/Sold

    Charcoal Goods L3 set (like new) w/Torpedo Handle. Retail $235.00 plus shipping Sale Price $210.00 w/Free CONUS shipping. Or Cap & Base without Torpedo Handle: Cap & Base only (no handle). Retail $150.00 plus shipping Sale Price $130.00 w/Free Conus Shipping
  16. NoScrubs

    Blackland Blackbird

    The message on the Blackland web site states that "Blackbird top cap is compatible with the Blackbird base plate and handle only". Any success in changing to a different handle? Thanks
  17. NoScrubs

    Blackland Sabre

    Anyone swap out the handle on the Blackland Sabre? Thank you
  18. NoScrubs

    Colonial General from Matte to Polished

    Take a look. This took about an hour. I used several polishing compounds and a Dremel on slow with a wool polishing wheel and then finished up with an all-cotton wheel and MAAS (No sandpaper). The interior blade surfaces were not touched. Not bad for the first polish. A little more time between...
  19. NoScrubs

    Colonial General V1

    Received my CG v1 in the mail today from B&B member. Sanitized it, loaded a Proline and went to work. Absolutely no work required. This is a heavy razor but easy to use and easy to adjust to the proper angle and pressure. Great shave, closer and smoother than the Vector at less than half the...
  20. NoScrubs

    Schick Injector vs. Vector

    Schick Injector vs. Vector Seems unfair for a $25-$35 razor to take on a $200 favorite. I have owned a Vector and agree that it is a great razor. The Vector is efficient and easy to use; however, I was never satisfied with the handle (too narrow for me) and Blackland does not offer...