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    It's just soap?

    I have been using shaving soap for the past 2 years. My favorites are Haslinger, Stirling, PDP 63, and others. All my choices cost less than $15. I find they all provide a good lather, nice scent, cushion, slickness and post shave feel that is enjoyable. In fact, I think Stirling soaps are...
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    Synthetic Travel Brush Recommendations?

    Any recommendations on a good, low cost, synthetic travel brush? I am interested in synthetic so that dampness wont be an issue. Something small that I can stick in a dopp kit. Price: <$30.
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    Feather vs Kai

    When I have a 3+ day old beard, I reach for a blade that is sharper than my usual ones. For awhile I thought Feathers were the sharpest blade in town. But then I tried Kai, and they seemed as sharp as Feathers and a bit smoother in an EJ89. Lately, I have been using both in a Rockwell 6C...
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    Rockwell 6C Adjustable makes bad blades good or How I learned to love dull blades again

    I love my Rockwell 6C and the plate adjustments. Besides getting great shaves with my go to blades (Lab blues, Permasharp, Kai,etc...), I have rediscovered blades that I left in the forget them pile. Tonight was Derby. Now when I started DE shaving 2 years ago, I had a sample pack with Derby...
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    Adjustable Razors - When to use Aggressive or Mild Settings

    I have a Rockwell 6C. Typically my first pass is on a high setting 4 or 5, then subsequent passes, I go to a 3 then 2. Of course, the setting I choose depends on the blade I'm using. However, I read that some shavers prefer to do the opposite, milder setting to remove some stubble, then...
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    Any Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals?

    Well it's that time again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Anyone know of any good deals related to shaving? I did see that WCS has some deals, but haven't seen others yet.
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    Cartridge vs. DE Shaving

    I returned to DE shaving last year. Until then, I used Mach 3 and Harry's carts. I thought they were good until I switched. Recently, I had to take a 3 week trip and decided to take a Mach 3, figuring TSA regulations and convenience outweighed my usual DE shaving routine. I just don't get...
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    Proraso Deals at Burlington Coat Factory

    I was at BCF, they had tubes of Proraso Red, White, and Green for $4.99. That seemed like a good deal so I purchased. Just want to let all know.
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    What a Find! Vintage Roller Razor

    My relatives were going through attic storage. Opened up a box and much to our surprise found a Rolls razor! Never used. Looks like it might have been a gift and packed away a long time ago. It was in two boxes, check them out, so cool looking. Not sure what they want to do, sell, use, store...
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    Suggestions Requested - How to get brushes back in shape

    I let my synthetic brushes sit in a bowl with hot water. After using, I dry brushes in a stand hanging down. They came out like this photo. My badger and boars look fine with the same routine. Any suggestions to get them back into shape?
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    SkinCare Question - Menthol, Mint and Eucalyptus, Are they good or bad for skin?

    I was recently looking at a website called "Beautypedia". It reviews shaving creams, AS, AB, and other men's skincare products. It gave Paula's Choice 5 stars, no surprise, the website owner is also the founder of PC4 Men. Due to that conflict of interest, I take her reviews with a grain of...
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    Can you get 100 Blade price but for less blades?

    I have found several brands of blades from samples that I like. Although, I like 100 blade prices, don't see myself purchasing several hundred to have the different brands. Does anyone know any place that offers 25 blade allotments at 100 blade prices?
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    Using Rockwell 6C with different blades

    I just purchased a Rockwell 6C. Started using it with a Polisilver blade with plate 3. Nice shave, but had a thin stubble, I only did one pass. I researched the B&B forums and found that some people found increasing or decreasing the plate number for subsequent passes provided a fun and nice...
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    Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Shaving Comparison Test

    I decided to conduct a test comparison shaving between a safety razor vs. cartridge. Razors of choice, Edwin Jagger 89 lbl vs. Harry’s 5 blade cartridge razor. Harry’s has been competing with other cartridge razors and is growing in popularity. It started online and can now be found in Target...
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    Question about Polisilver Blade discoloration

    I have question for the experts here. I started using a Polisilver blade, was ready to do a 4th shave when I noticed discoloration on blade, looks like oxidation or coating peeled. I always rinse the blade and razor in water and then dip in ethyl alcohol. I never saw this on any other blade...
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    Problem with Personna Blues?

    Something odd happened when shaving today. Never happened before. I used Personna Blue in my ej89. Stirling Soap and SOS Preshave oil. I’ve used these blades before and liked them. Always got a smooth shave, not very sharp, but dfs type. This time it wouldn’t cut anything! It felt like the...
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    Crown Shaving Cream - Review

    Got my hands on a sample of Crown. Tried it out using my EJ89 with a new AstraSP, AOS pre-shave oil, and a new Razorock Big Bruce Synthetic Brush. Crown lathered up easily, lots of peaks, had to add a little water, typical for synthetics, lather kept building and looked real good, lots of...
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    What do you use to STOP THE BLEEDING

    We all like trying new things. In terms of DE shaving, that means trying new blades, razors, pre shave oils, soaps, creams, and After Shaves. But one thing we all need to have handy is Wound treatment. Something to handle the nicks, cuts and other bloody injuries. I haven't seen any reviews on...
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    Lord Platinum Class Blades - Review

    Purchased LPC blades, I don't see too many reviews on these blades. I used AOS pre shave oil, Proraso Red Shaving Cream, Fendrihan Black & White Synthetic Brush, EJ89 razor. First pass wtg,was smooth, but left some visible hairs in most areas. Second pass, xtg, most hairs gone, still a nice...
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    Cigar Long Term Storage

    I am not a consistant cigar smoker. Every so often I'll pick up a cigar and either smoke right away or put in my humidor. I have about 8 cigars that are several years old. The humidor hasn't always been kept at the proper humidity and the cigars look dried. I recharged my humidor and have the...