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  1. edgerunner

    Some ink samples

    For whatever it's worth it, I wanted to share a few samples of inks. I've been exchanging some thoughts and opinions on inks with Carry (I hope I spelled her name right) from Reid's Stationery in Calgary. She had fun testing some of my and her own inks, and was so kind to share her efforts with...
  2. edgerunner

    B&B community doesn't stop to amaze me!

    This July will always bring bad memories to me. As some members already know, I lost all my shaving related stuff and all my belongings in a fire accident recently. Yesterday, I went to the post office to collect my mail. Much to my surprise, there were a couple of unexpected packages waiting...
  3. edgerunner

    What to consider when purchasing a brush

    Until I joined B&B, I always owned only one brush at a time, and I don't remember any of them. It wasn't something important. Actually, nothing was important in my shaving routine, except finding decent blades. Then B&B found me, sucked me in, and I found myself spending all my time reading...
  4. edgerunner


    Just checking if I can submit a post
  5. edgerunner

    IB Semogue LE 2012

    Lately, I've been using exclusively badger brushes only. For the duration of my brush AD this year, I've used 8 boar brushes - Semogue 1305, 830, 1800, 1250, 2011 LE2, 1470, Omega 31064 and 11712. My favourites are Semogue 1800 and Omega 11712. I've sold them all. A couple of weeks ago I...
  6. edgerunner

    T&H 1805 question

    I use 1805 balm. I love it but the smell lasts only about a half hour. T&H has 1805 splash and cologne. Does anybody know if those contain more fragrance and how they compare to each other?
  7. edgerunner

    asking UK members do me a favour

    I hope to find a B&B member from the UK who would be kind enough to buy and send me some AS from eBay UK or Amazon UK. The vendor doesn't ship to Canada, and I can't find this AS anywhere else...
  8. edgerunner

    some things were different tonight

    I just wanted to share my shaving experience tonight. Today, I received my Schick Krona and Merkur Slant 37C. I used them both for my shave tonight. Also, I've been doing my first thorough test with Super Iridium blade this week. My go-to blade is Astra SP which I can use for up to 5...
  9. edgerunner

    1st Anniversary PIF

    Hi all B&B-ers. My first Anniversary on this wonderful forum is coming on September 11. I want to celebrate it with you and keep the excitement going by offering this PIF. It contains 17 shaving cream samples in 5 to 10 g tubs: TOBS Jermyn St. TOBS St. James TOBS Mr. Taylors GFT Eucris The Real...
  10. edgerunner

    1000 posts PIF

    Hi everyone. I've been around here on the B&B forum for almost a year. For that time, you all have suffered 1000 times by reading my opinions. As a small compensation, I'm offering this modest PIF. It contains 50 DE blades - one or more blades from the following 31 brands and models: Gillette 7...
  11. edgerunner

    MWF is the best

    Here's my way of dealing with the MWF soap, and how I like it for my 2-pass and touch-up shave. MWF is a top performer for me. I have it grated in a glass Pyrex bowl. Usually, I put a few drops of water on the soap for a half minute while preparing my scutle, brush, and face. For this test...
  12. edgerunner

    Pre de Provence quality

    I have a very broad liberal understanding of the YMMV factor but I'm astonished at the consideration of putting Pre de Provence in the worst soap thread. I confess, this is too much for me to comprehend. I'm curious what the opinions are about this soap.
  13. edgerunner

    how to remove a knot set with RTV silicon adhesive sealant

    I few months ago I put a TGN knot in a cheap Omega plastic handle using clear silicon adhesive sealant. The handle was hollow underneath so I couldn't set the knot as deep as I wanted. Now, I'm planning on moving the knot in another handle. Does anyone know what's the best way to take the knot...
  14. edgerunner

    Where in London...

    A friend of mine is going to London for a couple of weeks. Does anybody know store(s) there which have good prices for TOBS, DRH, EJ, MWF, Palmolive, etc. soaps?
  15. edgerunner

    QED Select back in stock!

    Now, let me see you enablers! :tongue_smI haven't read any feedback, reviews or comments on this one since the previous batch run. :smartass: Post bloom images are welcome! :innocent: http://www.qedusa.com/shaving-brushes-silvertip-badger-brushes-c-33_47.html
  16. edgerunner

    Stubby 2 question

    Does someone now how the 'regular' Stubby Heritage compares to the 'regular' Rooney Silvertip? Is there a significant difference between the two knots? I have the T&H Medium version and am curious now about the Stubby 2 in particular.
  17. edgerunner


    I can't find any references written about eShave soaps. I'm particularly interested to get opinions on the Avocado and Linden scent and performance. Besides the Rose, Lily of the Valley and Linden are my favorite flowery scents.
  18. edgerunner

    Three new arrivals

    These three arrived today unexpected together. Decisions, decisions, decisions!... Let's seee... one for a wash with vinegar and shampooing, another one to start breaking in, and a flower to shave with.
  19. edgerunner

    EJ Sandalwood

    I have samples of EJ cream and ASB. I think it's Sandalwood but I'm not sure because I've thrown the original packing in the garbage after receiving them, and don't remeber what was written on it. The thing is that it's very different than T&H Sandalwood which I've used, and C&E Sandalwood which...
  20. edgerunner

    Which Rooney Heritage?

    I have T&H 1/2 Silvertip which I like. I like the density, it's very soft, has good flow thorugh but just splays a little too much for my taste. Now I consider Rooney Heritage Stubby 2 or Emillion 2. I guess the Emillion has slightly bigger knot than the Stubby with the same hair and density...