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  1. techdog

    weird Kiss My Face lather

    Don't be shy using more product, you get a ton of in in that pump bottle, enough to last you at least 6 months of daily shaves. I do one full pump for my first pass and half pump for my second pass, no additional pump for touch-ups.
  2. techdog

    what are the best "cheap" soaps?

    Arko, Palmolive and VDH (Van Der Hagen...available at some Walmart and Walgreens stores)
  3. techdog

    Recruited my brother-in-law to wet shaving!

    Congrats. He's really gonna appreciate you helping him.
  4. techdog

    Short vs. Long Beard Growth

    This is the same for me.
  5. techdog

    C.O. Bigelow - buy two get one free sale at Bath and Body Works ...

    Thanks for passing the deal along!
  6. techdog

    KMF - Hard Water Solution?

    I have hard water too and have had difficulty with many soaps and creams. KMF was my answer and I've never looked back.
  7. techdog

    what are you favorite shaving buys at drugstores, retail stores?

    KMF & Thayer's Witch Hazel at Whole Foods VDH at Walgreens or Walmart Proraso at Bath & Body Works
  8. techdog

    First Attempt at Lathering

    Less water and/or more product depending on the volume of lather you are trying to produce. But since you said there was a lot more in the bowl I'd lean towards less water as you stated.
  9. techdog

    What should I do?

    Normally I would say toss, but since you don't have more of them saved elsewhere I'd give them a try.
  10. techdog

    Mom says you can't say "Thank You" too much...

    Now just pass your wisdom along...
  11. techdog

    You want tallow? THIS is tallow!

    That's what I thought at first too. Just seems too big to be real.
  12. techdog

    Hands down my favorite soap....

    Glad you found something that works for you!
  13. techdog

    Seen on Amazon...

    Wow, deal of the century! :)
  14. techdog

    Newbie here!

    Welcome. This site has tons of info on the different razors you could potentially be interested in. Don't forget to check out the Buy/Sell/Trade section.
  15. techdog

    Greetings from UK from a newbie

    Welcome to B&B. Be sure to try some other blades too. Though I must admit that the Feathers are my personal favorite.
  16. techdog

    Any Good Shave Cream in US Stores?

    +1 for KMF. I use it as my go-to cream.
  17. techdog

    How Long Before Your First Bulk Blade Purchase?

    I wouldn't make a bulk blade purchase until I've tried about a dozen different blades.
  18. techdog

    Getting down to 4 Creams.

    It may not be a favorite of many here, but I really like the performance of KMF creams.
  19. techdog

    Limit yourself to a Nine Different Soaps.

    At the least, Tabac and Palmolive need to be added. Probably Cella too.