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  1. Sonoftakis

    FS Karve Stainless

    The Seller has every right to ask his price, any price, no argument with that. I too wished him luck. It's the market, however, that ultimately decides if the ask price is fair. I sincerely hope he sells it and gets what he's asking. The market, however, so far is saying no thanks, and that's...
  2. Sonoftakis

    FS Karve Stainless

    Wow, this is a tough forum.....LOL. Somehow I was under the impression that that was the rule. I think it might be on that other forum I frequent. I wasn't suggesting anything other than the ask price recovers all of the seller's costs and despite the excellent condition of the razor, it's...
  3. Sonoftakis

    FS Karve Stainless

    What is something worth? Whatever another person is willing to pay for it. The price is way over retail but you have to go on a waiting list and wait your turn to get it. Perhaps some people are willing to pay the premium for instant gratification.
  4. Sonoftakis

    Timless combo set

    Are you the original owner? What condition are they in?
  5. Sonoftakis

    High end razors worth the hype?

    Can a Kia get you from A to B as a Mercedes S600 could? Yes. The difference is in the details. Many people are satisfied with the Kia. It does the job. Others prefer the Mercedes. It does the job too only the details are a lot better. In the end, it's a personal choice.
  6. Sonoftakis

    High end razors worth the hype?

    I think the one who totally missed the point is you. Try shaving with a Charcoal or a Wolfman or a Rocnel or a Karve (which is probably the best value razor out there in my view) or a Timeless or an ATT and compare with the shave you get with either of the two razors you mentioned. You'll get to...
  7. Sonoftakis

    High end razors worth the hype?

    Geometry identical?....LOL. Well then, all razors must be the same by that reasoning, you know because the shaving head kind of looks the same in all of them. Fit, also known as tolerances in machinist parlor, impacts geometry more than anything. So saying that the fit of an expensive razor is...
  8. Sonoftakis

    ATT Copper

    Their website says the copper version of their Windsor DE razor is no longer in production. Some items are still available until inventories are depleted but there are no top caps so you can't build a complete razor. Very disappointed. I have CH1 and I love it so much I logged in trying to buy...
  9. Sonoftakis

    High end razors worth the hype?

    It's worth it. Better fit and finish lead to a better shaving experience. In the end, a razor is a tool so the finer the tool the better the experience.
  10. Sonoftakis

    The Year that Was:

    Wow, what a history lesson. Wow
  11. Sonoftakis


    Why the quick sale?
  12. Sonoftakis

    Thater Synthetic

    All synthetics are a pass for me. At least with badger I can tell/feel the difference between different price levels. With synthetics I can't. But YMMV
  13. Sonoftakis

    1921 tuckaway set?

    Wow, I didn't even realize that those even exist anymore.
  14. Sonoftakis

    Timeless Razor Blue Shaving Bowl is the best $12 you'll spend on gear

    Great looking bowl at a bargain price. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Sonoftakis

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Castle Forbes Lime
  16. Sonoftakis

    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    Some shavers don't consider it a soap but it sure behaves like one: ABC . Mild and pleasant almond scent that doesn't linger, lather and lubrication second to none.
  17. Sonoftakis

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Paladin Churchill 28
  18. Sonoftakis

    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    If you need an adjustable to compensate for different blades then you haven't mastered the art of shaving.
  19. Sonoftakis

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Pre shave: Jack Black Beard Lube Shaving Cream: Castle Forbes Lime Brush: Paladin Churchill 28 Razor: Charcoal Goods Lv2 SS Blade: Nacet
  20. Sonoftakis

    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    Seriously, how many times do you change the setting on your adjustable razor? Different blades or different oil on the skin has been mentioned but seriously how much difference do they make to warrant adjusting the level you normally shave at?