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  1. ShaverAZ

    Ketchup in coffee is actually a thing!

    My Mom grew up in rural Michigan during the Depression. They had farm acreage and a little gas station out front of the farmhouse for income. They raised hundreds of chickens, had a 5 acre family garden & grandpa had a smokehouse. When things got a little tight, they'd sell the chickens they'd...
  2. ShaverAZ

    Ketchup in coffee is actually a thing!

    Babysitting a friend's 4 year old many years ago, I was advised that she will remind me when lunchtime comes, and will recommend the menu. Little Amber's menu: "A side of chips, a glass of milk, and a peanutbutter and mayonaise sandwich. And don't scrimp on the mayo." The precocious child...
  3. ShaverAZ

    Hard life lessons

    You can be assured that it's cold outside, when the hair in your nose freezes.
  4. ShaverAZ

    Classic Barbershop type scent recommendations?

    www.Shannonssoaps.com Barbershop Soap Stirling Barbershop Both have strikingly different scents, but both say: "Barbershop"!
  5. ShaverAZ

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Left: BiC (4) Right: Voskhod (3)
  6. ShaverAZ

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Dove Men's Care Preshave Left: Ball End Pre War / BiC (4) Right: Rifle Case handle Razorock Teck II / Voskhod (3) Yaqi 22mm Synthetic Cola Handle Shannonsoaps.com Prototype soap sample Shavist Formula 1 Post Shave Balm
  7. ShaverAZ

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Yaqi 22mm Synthetic Cola Handle
  8. ShaverAZ

    What would you do?

    I'd go.
  9. ShaverAZ

    Schick injector

    Forget trying to jimmy open your Type E with a screwdriver. Unlrasonics also fall short of removing what looks to be a baked on brown crud hidden inside the razor. You CAN safely open the Type E by pivoting the spring. Use a tiny adjustable Crescent wrench to grip the sides of the spring...
  10. ShaverAZ

    The lather in my brush wont transfer to my face, new to traditional shaving

    Your [hard] water can be a contributing factor in producing an inferior lather. Go wrestle some bottled water away from a family member, or better yet go buy a gallon of distilled water (80¢ at Walmart). I can load up any of my lightly damp synthetic brushes with any soap, croap or cream and...
  11. ShaverAZ

    Hard vs. Soft Water and Lather

    People try all kinds of complicated procedures to get a better lather. Some complain about poor performance of soaps that others absolutely love - the main culprit is the water. Distilled water is the easiest & cheapest solution, as is DI water. I have really hard tap water & can get a...
  12. ShaverAZ

    What precautions are you taking and how's your shaving going?

    I'm driving more carefully, and wearing gloves while touching the steering wheel. According to the CDC: The Facts About Global Road Traffic Injuries and Deaths Each year, 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world. Every day, almost 3,700 people are killed globally in road...
  13. ShaverAZ

    Razor design and the importance of blade rigidity

    Blade chatter? These aren't power tools. Maybe you need to slow down your shave a little ... shorter strokes?
  14. ShaverAZ

    Are you considering getting a man bun? Read this first, please

    No Man Bun for me, but I'm letting my goatee grow out, just to see how long I can tolerate it. I remember seeing a pic somewhere of some goober who had one long enough to put a rubberband around. Think I'll do that - ought to trigger one of my neighbors who is compelled to tell everyone what...
  15. ShaverAZ

    Synthetic Brushes Give Different Lather?

    Never found that true of my one & only Boar Brush. BUT it's a 100 year-old Ever-Ready 100T from my Grandfather. Back then, they didn't pack them with a luxurious amount of bristles, so it's kinda scrawny by todays' standards. My larger Badgers all seem to be supreme lather hogs & need to be...
  16. ShaverAZ

    Synthetic Brushes Give Different Lather?

    My wife long ago taught me to clean up after myself to make life easier on her :001_rolle. Nowadays, I'm on my own - if I don't mop up after myself, it won't get done.
  17. ShaverAZ

    Past Gun Buys You Are So HAPPY About Now

    Exactly. When I was a kid in the 60's, a buddy's Dad got an unissued $50 Trapdoor rifle, complete with sling & bayonet, and also a crate of original surplus ammo. We shot it a lot! But today, the only Trapdoors I see look like worn out & neglected, overpriced rifles.
  18. ShaverAZ

    Past Gun Buys You Are So HAPPY About Now

    >45-70 Black Powder carbine loads are quite managable - more like 12 ga. field loads. OTOH, the .45-70 smokeless loads for my 1895 Marlin are another critter entirely.
  19. ShaverAZ

    Seasoning Your Suds

    On occasion I've had an excessive amount lather remaining after a shave, and held it over in a covered bowl, until the next day. I've also been sidetracked while whipping up a lather for the days' shave, only to return to it 1/2 to an hour afterward, to re whip it up to complete my shave. In...
  20. ShaverAZ

    Sterling Soap Woes (perhaps it's me)—Suggest Alternatives

    Take a look at www.shannonssoaps.com She has a great variety of soaps that are both traditional and non traditional scents. I am particularly enthralled with her Barbershop & Grapefruit scents, as well as a couple of samples she's sent me that aren't on her website yet. They're largely...