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  1. Battle Brothers

    Starting 2020 off right - proudly published on Military.com!

    What an exciting time! I certainly do not post enough here and I hope to change that for 2020. This community involvement has been insurmountable as my biggest supporters and critics. I look forward to continued success together! Very proud to be published in Military.com. This Veteran...
  2. Battle Brothers

    MkII Razor - 100% made in America

    MkII Razor The MkII Razor is made out of military aircraft grade aluminum. It's actually made from the same aluminum as the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. The high-strength alloy we use has been tried, tested, and battle-hardened. We believe your day should start with confidence and quality...
  3. Battle Brothers

    The State of Battle Brothers Address (2019)

    It’s been a long time since any of you here have heard from us. I want to give all of you a ‘State of Battle Brothers Address’ if you will. During the time of absence, I have been hard at work on some really important developments! Let’s start at the top! While the daily operations are...
  4. Battle Brothers

    Razor Set Giveaway - October 2018

    Razor Set Giveaway From Battle Brothers Shaving Co. Simple, Razor of your choice with a synthetic badger brush, 100 razor blades and a stand to complete the set! Razor Set Giveaway From Battle Brothers Shaving Co.
  5. Battle Brothers

    Military, Law Enforcement, First Responder Discount

    Looking for that military, law enforcement, first responder discount? That is a question I get a lot. To utilize a proper validation system it would cost us nearly $8,500 per year in fees, yikes. As a startup, we feel that we could better use that capital for product improvements, R&D into new...
  6. Battle Brothers

    A Green Beret's Enforcement

    I received this in my email one day and couldn't be more humbled by it! Not every day you get a Green Beret's enforcement. #feelingbadass:gunsmilie: Joe works for a veteran/law enforcement/first responder e-commerce platform we sell on called GovX. He's my liaison to the site and I've been...
  7. Battle Brothers

    Battle Brothers Shaving Co's Entry to the Vendor Hall of Fame

    Vendor Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Andrew Weiss What is the name of your business? Battle Brothers Shaving Co Where are you located? Grand Rapids, Michigan What types of products do you carry or services do you provide? Currently - Razor Blades, Razors, Brushes, Stands. Coming...
  8. Battle Brothers

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays Badger & Blade! If any of you have read our story, these were some of the guys who were in the Battle Brothers Shaving Club back in Iraq. Yes, that thermometer says 90F, It was about 1030am!
  9. Battle Brothers

    What Makes Them High Performance Razor Blades

    Our development of Battle Brother razor blades was roller coaster. Partnering, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging. We determined there are two major factors when developing the highest grade blade possible. The first step was to find the best steel we could get our hands on. Steel can come in...
  10. Battle Brothers

    Shaving Kits

    Shaving prototype stands! For a long time we have been working on a way to make a full stainless steel stand that is handmade and cost effective. Right now we are not selling the stand individually but giving them away with a full purchase of a razor, brush and blades making it a full kit. In...
  11. Battle Brothers

    Holiday Shipping Cut Off Information

    I thought it might be helpful for some to post some shipping information for this holiday season. As the end of the year get closer it’s always good to know the shipping cut off dates. Check out this graph below. =)
  12. Battle Brothers

    Our Stainless Steel Razors

    Not all razors are created equal and here we'll go into a little more depth of the origin of how we developed our double edge razors. What goes into our Safety Razors? Several years back we partnered with a medical manufacturing company. They specialize in making the intricate metal tools for...
  13. Battle Brothers

    About Battle Brothers Shaving Co.

    Hello everyone! I'm Andrew, the team lead here for Battle Brothers! I'm the general 'face' of our organization here on the forum. We are truly excited to be here on badgerandblade.com! Our goal here is to connect with fellow shaving enthusiasts with maximum transparency. It's been a long road...