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    Can I buy unscented witch hazel, spray an EDT in it, and create custom aftershaves?

    Hello all, New to the forum and DE shaving. I am into fragrances, and like the idea of matching my aftershave to my fragrance. However, not all fragrances are available as an aftershave. I have been reading that witch hazel makes a great aftershave, even without using a traditional store...
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    how are razorock aftershave splashes

    Thank you for the info. Have you tried the Blue Barber scent? If so, how do you like it? I am far too new to DE shaving to have experienced Floid Blue (1.5 weeks now), but have read this is a clone of that scent, and that seems like it was a very popular aftershave, so I was thinking of giving...
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    Brut splash on

    I picked up some Brut aftershave at Wal-Mart while getting groceries tonight. I'm excited to put it to work for tomorrow's shave. There are a bunch of aftershaves I'd like to order online, but as I am just getting started, I am nabbing up the readily available ones locally. With the addition...
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    Semogue SOC Boar beats Yaqi Badger!

    Thank you to all for explaining this to me. I am excited to get my brushes in the mail, to be sure. I'm currently using a make up brush as that is all I could find locally. Unfortunately, it's far too soft to use with my puck of Williams. I ended up buying a tube of Cremo cream ,and it works...
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    Every Sunday is Stetson Sunday

    I just saw this thread. Stetson Cooling Moisture was the first aftershave I purchased, and I really like it a lot. Coincidentally, I used it yesterday, not even realizing Stetson Sunday was a thing on here. I will be joining the rest of you for the regular Stetson Sunday shave ritual. :)
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    Semogue SOC Boar beats Yaqi Badger!

    This, along with a Simpsons Berkeley 46 in Best Badger will be my first two brushes, so I will not have much of a reference point, to be honest. When you guys that brushes are lather hogs, do you mean that you end up using a lot of soap with them because they absorb too much to create a nice...
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    Stirling Dunshire vs Acqua di Gio

    Very nice, I'm glad to hear it's good as well. Thank you for the additional input. As long as the soap and aftershave are "close enough" that sounds good to me, as the price is right, and I really enjoy these two fragrances.
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    Semogue SOC Boar beats Yaqi Badger!

    I'm happy to see the Semogue SOC boar is a good brush. I wasn't sure what to get, so I ordered one of these yesterday. I can't wait to try it out, especially after your review.
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    Stirling Dunshire vs Acqua di Gio

    Thanks for your input. I was looking at this and their Acqua di Gio clones as I love both of those fragrances, and think I'd really enjoy the soaps and aftershaves as well. Glad to know the YSL clone is close enough that it works as a substitute. :)
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    One week into wet shaving, and my first post here.

    Thank you all for the warm reception. I'm very glad to be here. It's funny because I went from hating to shave to looking forward to it. RayClem, thank you for the information regarding the Van Der Hagen, that is exactly the type of information I was looking for. Luecke2326, I have already...
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    Stirling Dunshire vs Acqua di Gio

    If you don't mind me asking, how close is this to the real YSL? I really like La Nuit de L'Homme, but it's quite expensive for my budget.
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    Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

    I would like to suggest Dior Fahrenheit. Although not exactly low cost, I can imagine that many here would probably enjoy it. The performance is quite good too. Most guys in the fragrance community really like this one a lot (myself included), but I would suggest getting your nose on this one...
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    Newbie upgraded to a Rockwell 6C

    I'm very happy to see all the positive feedback on the 6C. Similar to the OP, I am using a Van Der Hagen from Wal-Mart currently, and have been eyeballing the 6c as my next razor. I like the idea of trying different plates until I find the setting that works best for me. Congrats on the...
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    Anyone ever try to make their own aftershave?

    I too am interested in the idea f trying to whip up home blend aftershaves. I am tnto fragrances a bit and would like to make small batches to pair with my fragrance of the day. Some Fahrenheit home blend aftershave would be awesome! Acqua di Gio Profumo, Dior Homme Intense, Givenchy Gentlemen...
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Today my aftershave of choice was Stetson. I had a bit of a rough shave today, and the Stetson worked quite well in sorting out my face.
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    Fine is the most overrated aftershave I have ever had

    I'm really enjoying your reports on the Fine aftershaves. I have had my eye on American Blend and Platinum. Please continue with your reviews. I am finding them very helpful. :)
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    What caused you to switch to wet shaving (DE, SE, straight)?

    New to wet shaving here. I got into it for a multitude of reasons I suppose. I had been growing a beard for around 10 months and was thinking of taking it down. I have a Braun electric razor that I used when I was required to shave for work every day, but the shaves aren't that close (very...
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    What's your soap for today?

    Today I used Cremo Bourbon. The kind that comes in the tube. Apologies as I am not sure of the proper terminology.
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    show your soap rotation

    I just started wet shaving a week ago, so I only have two right now. A puck of Williams, and a tube of Cremo Bourbon. I do have a puck of Tabac that I ordered online earlier today though. Hopefully I'll have it next week sometime.
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    One week into wet shaving, and my first post here.

    I'm hoping to stave off brush and razor acquisition disorders, but sadly I am already eyeballing way too many soaps and aftershaves. I keep telling myself that I can just try them down the line somewhere. LOL! Very cool, nice to see another guy who got started on the VDH. I like the weight of...