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  1. Macfrommichigan

    Soap residue

    What do you think? Are boar or horse or badger brushes more likely to retain soap residue than synthetic? Are hard soaps harder to rinse from a brush than croaps or creams? Have you noted any specific brands or types that are challenging to rinse from brushes?
  2. Macfrommichigan

    Shaving Brush “powdery”

    Soap residue, hard water, minerals in water, old pipes, yada, yada. Monthly wash in Dawn + diluted white vinegar soak might be the ticket.
  3. Macfrommichigan

    Cutting off side tabs of blade?

    Those tabs can allow one to nudge a blade into alignment in some razors. Caution: Wear eye protection when trimming a blade with scissors!
  4. Macfrommichigan

    Some more wood

  5. Macfrommichigan

    More ore less Newbie

    Welcome! You must learn to use less pressure. Just lightly hold the razor. Have fun!
  6. Macfrommichigan


    Yeah, over time we mostly learn what not to do. Scotch and cashews will kick my tush. Today's malady? Unsure of causal factors. But it has been on and off for hours and hours. Heck, I even skipped shaving!
  7. Macfrommichigan


    Oy! So far I have tried Tums, baking soda & water, and peppermint Life Savers. What's your go to over the counter or homemade fix? Mac
  8. Macfrommichigan

    BigD's Van der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap Review

    I remember the delux as pinkish. I am getting old, tho.
  9. Macfrommichigan

    BigD's Van der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap Review

    VDH deluxe is $2.29 at Walgreen's. Order online, request ship to store for free shipping. Or, ship to your home if you spend $35.
  10. Macfrommichigan

    Did you use Cold OR Room Temperature Water to Break In your Boar or Badger Brush ??

    I shampoo, rinse, lather up, let it sit for a few hours, rinse, lather up, let it sit for a few hours, rinse, let dry. And then...I use it. No fridge, no soaking in water, no voodoo.
  11. Macfrommichigan

    Pasteurs Pharmacy in Chicago and Colorado Springs!

    Mertz has Q Brothers & a shop in the Palmer House?
  12. Macfrommichigan


    20 yr old Acura and 15 year old Scion have never had an AC problem. Of course, we only run the air 5 or 6 months a year in MI.
  13. Macfrommichigan

    What shaving soap will still be around a hundred years from now?

    Arko, Proraso, MWF, Haslinger, Cella.
  14. Macfrommichigan

    looking for a new boar brush

    Connaught's jade handle boar is about $30 delivered. Best boar I have used. It is good sized. Semogue 610 is a good one in a smaller size.
  15. Macfrommichigan

    Pasteurs Pharmacy in Chicago and Colorado Springs!

    If you don't mind driving a couple hundred miles +, Maggard Razors in Adrian Michigan is awesome. Bonus: There is a Cabelas in Dundee.
  16. Macfrommichigan

    Welcome, @SeminoleSam

    Howdy! Glad you are here.
  17. Macfrommichigan

    Welcome, @Bruce Thomas

    Howdy & welcome!
  18. Macfrommichigan

    Welcome, @raingurl

    raingurl, glad you are here! Questions? Ask away. Advice is free. Friendly place. Regards, Mac
  19. Macfrommichigan

    Welcome, @yippiesmoke

    Fella just posted about the great head shave he got from a long handled starburst Lady Gillette. These vintage razors might be the ticket: Lady Gillette; Krona; Gillette Tech with fat handle; Gillette flare tip Super Speed. The Tech is not a butterfly; it is a great razor. Welcome!
  20. Macfrommichigan

    firemanack's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Glad you are here!