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    Alaffia creams

    I saw what appears to be a new line of shave creams from this vendor at Whole Foods yesterday. I say new because when I visited the Alaffia website, there's nothing about the shave creams. The line is rooted in West African products, notably shea butter...so it sounds promising. I liked the...
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    Aftershaves with neem - maybe in theory

    I've been reading about the qualities of the neem plant, which has been known to Ayurvedic medicine for a very long time. You see it these days in toothpastes, shampoos, soaps, etc. Having anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, one might think it would be a good ingredient in a splash...
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    Gérard Monet - La Pluie

    Saw this for the first time today, somebody had it at my gym. What can anyone tell me about it from personal experience? Meanwhile, I'll be reading up a little.
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    The Namiki-Pilot MR series

    At the Fountain Pen Hospital in Manhattan today, I noticed these pens at the $30 price point. Any owners here care to share an opinion?
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    Passaround - come join - GEM Micromatics

    There's a box containing three GEM Micromatic single-edge razors (and blades). B&B members are welcome to join the passaround! Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays! See the conditions on page 1.
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    Getting lazy

    On several occasions lately, I've found myself wanting that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning and forgoing the full shaving ritual. Instead, I've just gone with the Gillette Guard and Kiss My Face, applied directly from hand to face w/o brush. The results: a little less closeness, but...
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    Wives capturing shave goods

    My wife likes to use shaving brushes to whip up lather for her evening face-washing/makeup-removing routine. I gave her a Razorock Plissoft, which worked well...but she lost it, whereupon she captured my Omega 48. Lately the Omega hasn't been working as well as she'd like, so I gave her a...
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    I noticed the Bourbon Cedar fragrance from this brand in Target recently. Who may have any knowledge of it, please?
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    Reindeer & Sleigh 2018?

    I was just wondering if this happy B&B tradition is continuing this year. Looking back, I see that prior initial announcements came in late October.
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    Andalou Shave cream

    As I secured an item (Seal the Deal balm) in TJ Maxx a couple of days ago, I noticed this brushless product. I figured what the heck, because the price was right and its label said that the product is semi-transparent. That may help me avoid making mistakes during Movember. The main note of...
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    "Seal the Deal"

    I saw a tube of Whiskey and Tobacco aftershave lotion from this brand in a TJ Maxx near me over the weekend. The price was right...but honestly, I have loads of balms and splashes as it is and decided not to take the flyer. I'll probably never see it again. Has anybody tried it?
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    Movember 2018

    Anything happening on this front at B&B in 2018? I haven't seen any talk of it yet.
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    Wife's blasé reaction to lost razor

    I have a Harry's cart razor, which still gets occasional use if I'm traveling or time is short. I noticed that it was missing from its usual spot a couple of days ago, and I know I'm not the one who lost it. Wife and 10-year-old child both claim no knowledge of how it happened (which I'd...
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    Classic Edge's board strop

    I've found a passing reference or two to this item here on B&B. If/when I do take the plunge into straights, I like the look of it. It's a nice size for me (3" x 10") and appears to be effective. I welcome opinions from voices of experience, please
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    "It's been x days since I last shaved."

    For me, as it stands, it's been a full seven. It started with a camping trip of a few days, and I've been working at home rather than at the office since. I will most likely bid adieu to the week-old beard tomorrow. That's about as long as I've ever let it go! What causes you to take breaks...
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    PIF: Take a razor, add a razor

    Recently there was a PIF thread here on B&B in which a selection of brushes was made available. It turned into something fun and nice where as the box was passed on, members chose one item they liked and added one in turn. It could have gone on indefinitely. Recently member @chris100 sent me a...
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    WTB [or trade]: Weck Sextoblade

    If you'll please indulge a small obsession, fellow members: I'd particularly like to get a Weck that's stamped "Brooklyn" as opposed to "New York" more broadly. The reason is historical and sentimental: the Weck factory stood 10 minutes' walk away from where I live. For those who'd be amenable...
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    PIF: "Soap Monogamy" #4

    Greetings once again, B&B comrades. This is the fourth in a series of PIFs aimed at finding good homes for useful products that are superfluous to my needs. We have here some creams as well as soaps -- and as you may see, all except the Captain's Choice samples are partly used. Random drawing...
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    Kai Captain Pink dispenser

    I needed a new blade for my Cobra but had to do way too much fiddling with the dispenser on a cartridge of Kai Captain Pink blades to get one to come out. Anybody else have that problem?
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    PIF: "Soap Monogamy" #3

    This is the third in a series of PIFs in which I am finding good homes for soaps that are surplus to my needs. This time I am featuring four unused humble commercial soaps. This PIF will be open to members in the CONUS until next Friday 5/18.