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  1. Swampfox

    The Swampfox Blade Report

    I report, you don't get flayed. Anyhow, for the last two months, I have been searching for a better blade. With hopes that there is possibly some DE blade out there that is better than anything that I have yet to use, I plunged headlong into a series of blade tests. Some turned out great...
  2. Swampfox

    A Cool SE PIF

    You have about 28 hours left to enter into the Czardom's 2011 Winter PIF! Quite a nice little PIF for those who have never tried an SE. See here for all the rules and how to enter!
  3. Swampfox

    Czardom of Cheddar's 2011 Winter PIF

    Welcome to the 2011 Winter PIF Special SE Edition Brought to you by the fine folks in B&B's corner insanity - the Czardom of Cheddar At the bottom, you will see a pic of the goodies up for grab: an Omega Boar Brush, a Tweezerman Badger Brush, some soaps samples from Queen Charlotte Soaps, a...
  4. Swampfox


    I got to finally try some Feathers today. You gents have really had me scared of them, so I never bothered to try any until now. I'm not sure if they will always work for me, or not, but today, they performed very well. Set up: I haven't shaved since Wednesday, so my rapid growth heavy...
  5. Swampfox

    Clubman, finally!

    Well, I had the opportunity to finally try Clubman. I have always shied away from buying any because I was afraid that I would not like it. I got to try some this week, and I really like it. I do find it a bit strong, and think it should be listed more as an Aftershave/Cologne rather than...
  6. Swampfox

    Avon Jackpot

    Well...sort of. I was at my sister's-in-law last night and she had four full bottles of Avon AS - 2 Wild Country & 2 Deep Woods - that she let me have. She only wants the bottles back. I am well stocked on the WC for now, but if I see any around for good prices I will snatch those up as well...
  7. Swampfox

    RIP Shirley

    Leslie Nielsen passed away today from pneumonia complications.
  8. Swampfox

    Life is so fragile

    Just a mention to all my friends here that are not Clown House regulars.... My brother-in-law passed away Tuesday at work with a massive heart attack. He was in very good health, and had no known heart condition or history of such. My sister is very distraught. They were together for...
  9. Swampfox

    Wilkin Sword Experiment

    A couple of weeks ago I broke down and bought some of the Wal-Mart Wilkinson Sword blades. For the price, and the praise they have been getting here, I figured that it was worth a try. I used them in several of my DEs, and here are the results thus far in my WS Experiment. Red Tip The...
  10. Swampfox

    The best beards.

    Beards can do amazing things. Like instant cool.
  11. Swampfox

    The best beards.

  12. Swampfox

    KMF Moisture Shave Mint: Impressive

    I bought some of the KMF Moisture Shave Mint that was on the discontinued shelf the other day. This is the tube, not the pump. Anyhow, this stuff is really good. I am very impressed at the quality and amount of lather produced, not to mention the slickness it provides. I used it on my head...
  13. Swampfox

    Red Tip Thoughts

    I posted some of this in a review on the Red Tip in the Reviews section. After searching for a year, I finally purchased a B2 Red Tip in very good condition. I was amazed to only pay $5 for it. I had passed up on several Red Tips before because I refused to pay over $15 for one, and you...
  14. Swampfox


    October. Time of festivals, beer, gorgeous lasses, and more beer. How do you plan to celebrate and when?
  15. Swampfox

    The Worst Batman Movie

    In response to the uproar over the worst Bond movie, let's discuss the worst Batman movie, and the worst Batman. As much as I dislike Christian Bale, George Clooney was by far the worst Batman. And his Batman & Robin was definitely the worst of the Batman movies, IMHO. Discuss.
  16. Swampfox

    Looking for info on Avon AS

    Since there has been an increased interest in many of the vintage Avon aftershaves, I am working on making sure we have reviews for them in the review section, and adding info into the ShaveWiki. The info that is going into the Wiki only relates to what is known about the scent regarding...
  17. Swampfox

    Nonessential Test

    This test is meant to determine if you are nonessential or not. It was developed by the late Lewis Grizzard and is highly accurate. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. 1. Is is absolutely necessary that you stay awake and in an upright position while performing...
  18. Swampfox

    Fire in the sky

    Pics of various atomic tests have recently been declassified. These are interesting, if not distrurbing, pics brought to you by the NY Times and the US Department of Energy. Capturing the atom on film DOE Atomic Test Films
  19. Swampfox


    I have been thinking about trying a cigar, but I am not sure where to start. There are so many choices and varieties, it is really overwhelming. I am a pipe smoker, but have wanted to give a cigar a try as well. Any suggestions?
  20. Swampfox

    Barbasol Pacific Rush is getting popular

    I went to DG to pick up some BPR this afternoon, and they were out. None on the shelf, none in the store. They had plenty of the Brisk, which I have been wanting to try, so I grabbed a bottle of it. This is the first time I have never seen any, so apparently, it is getting more popular. I...