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  1. zed117

    Want to dive in to higher end badger

    Synths have one me over, and I have only kept one omega boar as a travel brush. My favorite brushes are below My two favorite brushes: PAA Solar Flare and Stirling badger. Love the synthetic knot (dont know different knot types names) very soft and dense. The Stirling Badger feels very...
  2. zed117

    Want to dive in to higher end badger

    Thanks, the hole seems deep. I appreciate the suggestions.
  3. zed117

    High end razor recommendations

    Lots of great razors mentioned here. I would say the Charcoal Goods level 2 is my ultimate high end razor.
  4. zed117

    Want to dive in to higher end badger

    I’ve exhausted my RAD both vintage and modern, and explored many soaps and balms in my years here. However, when it comes to brushes, I was mostly a boar/Synthetic guy. I do have a very nice Stirling Badger, but have decided its finally time to step into something thats not under $50. Paladin...
  5. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Really nice, I’m really enjoying both. The vertigo handle on the other hand is little to off balance for me. After many shaves I feel like the stainless is a tad more aggressive/less smooth than the copper or brass. (Head only doesn’t matter what handle I use)
  6. zed117

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" February 17th - February 23rd, 2020

    Warmer Weather SOTD: Stirling Badger, DG sellout, CG level 2, Astra Sp, Nivea Balm.
  7. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Wow stunning! That brass handle attached to the CG head in pic one is a looker.
  8. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Alright Gentlemen, this is a first, besides my two Gamechangers, I only have the Charcoal Goods razors, I let everything else go. Just got my SS in today: Vertigo has such a nice heft and balance.
  9. zed117

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" February 10th - February 16th, 2020

    SOTD: B&M waves, Stirling Badger, GSB, SS Charcoal Goods, Nivea Balm.
  10. zed117

    Ranking: The top 5 best shaving safety razors.

    Yes indeed in order: Charcoal Goods level 2, Gamechanger .84 OC, Rex Envoy, GC .84, Rockwell 6s. Though to pick, lot of great razors out there.
  11. zed117

    Comparing Timeless and Charcoal Goods?

    I’ve only used the .68 Timeless, but find both Gens of the Charcoal Goods smoother and more efficient, the Gen 2 more decidedly so.
  12. zed117

    What was your father's shave kit?

    My dad still has his: Gillette Super Adjustable set to 5 An old beat up Eveready Nacets(I got him off the grocery store blades) Aqua Velva Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco(or whatever soap I pass on)
  13. zed117

    Rockwell 6S or Rex Ambassador?

    I was in your shoes. The 6s was unbeatable, I tried Karve, ATT, Timeless, and others. The Rex was really close, on 2 it was almost as perfect as plate 5 on the 6s. Anything above that was too aggressive. Eventually I tried a Charcoal Goods level 2, I actually sold my Rex and 6s(used both almost...
  14. zed117

    Do soaps and croaps need to be covered? What if you don't?

    I would only worry about the new super fatty soaps. Those go rancid easier, due to all of the fats and ingredients. Creams will dry out though, and yes it will lose the scent slowly over time.
  15. zed117

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" February 3rd - February 9th, 2020

    SOTD: Stirling Badger, Declaration Grooming Sellout soap, GC .84 OC, Nivea Balm, Nacet. First time trying Milksteak, amazing soap base, smells excellent.
  16. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    After many shaves I have decided to use some of the funds from selling my razors into a SS Level 2 with the Vertigo handle. I prefer using stainless when dealing with a daily driver(Metal hardness). I will now have one of Brian’s razors in every metal.
  17. zed117

    Charcoal goods gen 1 vs gen 2 poll

    I really like the audible feedback on Gen 1, I also feel like it allows more buffing and is a tad more aggressive. Gen 2 is ultra smooth and just as efficient. Hard to pick which I like better. Visually I prefer old style, but I think Gen 2 shaves perfect.
  18. zed117

    Karve - Tell me about going from SB to OC

    As someone who generally likes open combs, I agree with this sentiment.
  19. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Out of all the razors I mentioned in my first post, I only kept the Gamechangers. Truly great razors at an incredible price(due to mass production). The Open Comb Gamechanger is my second favorite modern razor I’ve owned. I had a Karve with the A,B,C and C open comb plates. Similar in feeling to...
  20. zed117

    Charcoal Goods beat everything in my den

    Yowza those are beautiful! When I get a stainless I think I will get the Stinger, it’s quite a looker. All those handles are nice!