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    I counted 253 different Omega shaving brushes

    Just went to the Omega brush site, HOLY-MOLY do they have a lot of models! Quite a few are available with or without stands, so they were only counted once. And yes, a lot have the same handle but with different types of knots. Near the end, in the 30ish page, they also have a few razors to...
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    Vendor "house brand" synthetic brushes all the same?

    Most of the known shaving supply vendors offer their own branded synthetic brushes, most often originating from China. Are all the knots all sourced from the same place?
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    Haven't used the microwave in ages.

    We practically never use it anymore. It's essentially an illuminated bread box, and seriously considering not replacing it if ever it dies. Anyone else?
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    using WiFi....novice level questions

    Please keep answers really simple. Let's say you are staying a friend's cabin miles from nowhere. No one else could possibly connect the the wifi router because of sheer distance. Your friend is no computer genius, so chances are the router probably hasn't been updated in a long, long time...
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    need ideas. . . adding texture to stainless steel shaving bowl?

    I have a flat-bottomed, polished stainless steel bowl that I like for lathering. Everyone says that a textured surface works better than a polished surface to create lather. Here are some techniques I'm mulling over and would like your opinions please: 1)sandblasting or...
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    Q. for folks who have tried electro-etching

    When done on stainless steel, is the surface-feel of this type of etching smoother/similar/coarser than sandblasting?
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    A scary Mr. Bean sketch for Halloween

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    Photobucket substitute?

    Can anyone recommend a free photo hosting site like Photobucket of old?
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    Oh my...oh no! (tried bowl lathering for the first time with Tabac)

    I've always been a face-latherer and really didn't believe the hype about bowl lathering and scuttle business. Thought it was just silly really. Well after accidentally popping out the last 1/2" of my Tabac stick from it's holder and almost dropping it in the toilet, I decided to give bowl...
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    tasteless candy-bars

    Sigh...just purchased assorted boxes of candy-bars for Halloween, then proceeded to taste a few. They are basically tasteless. I noticed the same thing several years ago from different snack cakes, and cookies. Time was that if offered a piece of homemade cake or a local snack cake (Vachon in...
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    Is the Tabac stick and Tabac soap the same hardness?

    I have a Tabac stick and am planning to scoop a little dollop off and try to bowl lather it up. If it is the same thing, I might get a puck instead of a stick next time I place an order.
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    Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

    Accidentally stumbled on to this while on Youtube (mystery how I got there). It's surprisingly good pick-me-up; a mix of old and new.
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    Members in Italy...

    ... have any of you seen Proraso blue in a tub?
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    Astra only St. Petersburg blade that's etched?

    Has anyone heard if they plan to change their other blades from stamping to etching?
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    Old Spice cologne (73ml)...Dollarama Canada...$4

    How's that for putting it all in a title! It's the one made in Canada.
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    Montreal area members...

    I was on Kijiji and found a vendor in Montreal selling several brands of razor blades, Clubman, razors and other beauty supplies. The name wasn't listed but a telephone number Google search leads back to a place called Salon Azzuro on de Maisonneuve Boulevard in downtown. Is anyone familiar...
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    Thinking about making a wooden razor case. . .

    (photos borrowed from fellow B&Bers) Really like the look of the old Big Fellow cases, and am considering making a similar one but with a cork interior. However I've noticed that a lot, if not most, of the older cases were designed to keep a razor in pieces, similar to this one: The...
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    do bobbers weaken fishing lines?

    I usually just jig or troll, don't have any real experience with bobbers. While at the store, I took a look at the round clip-on balls, and the stick versions that use a spring to lock onto the line. My first thought was that if a large aggressive fish were to strike, then the the wire clips...
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    shaving creams and aftershaves...I'm done trying

    Well gentlemen after trying perhaps 15-20 soaps and creams and 10-15 aftershaves in the past few years, I believe I'm done trying. Finally decided to simplify and settle. soaps and creams: -Tabac stick...good all year round, convenient for travel, goof-proof even for a quick shave, very...
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    youtube channel with a lot of shaving product unboxing videos

    This guy has a ton of unboxing videos with excellent close-ups. He does an excellent job with his videos and I wish more vendors would follow his lead. Небритый ёжик