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  1. ouch


    Anyone watching this miniseries? It's riveting.
  2. ouch

    May 1, 25 years ago

    Ayrton Senna March 21, 1960- May 1, 1994
  3. ouch

    Any card players here?

    What's your game?
  4. ouch

    Avast ye vile bilge rats

    It's international talk like a pirate day.
  5. ouch

    RIP Stan Mikita

    I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. We lost a giant today.
  6. ouch

    2018 NFL draft

    Baker Mayfield goes #1 to the Browns. Do Cleveland fans even care? The big story- running back Saquon Ouch goes to the New York Giants. Third pick goes to my beloved Jets. It doesn't matter who they picked. It will prove to be the wrong choice. How did your teams do?
  7. ouch

    My favorite basketball game of all time

    Even more than the Knicks winning game seven of the 1970 finals, this is number one for me. I remember it as if it were yesterday. His shot at 13:30 is insane.
  8. ouch

    Formula 1 2018

    I am stoked. That is all for now.
  9. ouch

    50 years ago today

  10. ouch

    RIP FZ

    Taken from me 24 years ago today.
  11. ouch

    Happy Halloween!

  12. ouch

    If I leave here tomorrow

    Would you still remember me? Forty years ago today, my dad passed away. Seems like yesterday. In related news, on this same day, in one of rock music's greatest tragedies, three members of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd were killed in a plane crash.
  13. ouch

    HBO's The Deuce

    Anyone catch this latest series from HBO? It has seedy locations, violence, filth- all the things that sends thy humble narrator's heart aflutter. I hope it doesn't make the same mistakes the cancelled series Vinyl made, but so far it doesn't seem likely.
  14. ouch

    Guess who would have been 75 today?

    I can't believe nobody posted this yet. Youse guys are slipping.
  15. ouch

    40 years ago today

    Pretty iconic concert in California, including this band that wouldn't have long to live, plus Peter Frampton. Amazingly, I was at a better show that evening. But hey, I'm ouch.
  16. ouch

    30 years ago today

  17. ouch

    Ich bin ein Badger & Blader

    John F. Kennedy, born 100 years ago today.
  18. ouch

    RIP Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Dead at 89. Irrespective of politics, he was one of the most articulate men I ever heard.
  19. ouch

    NFL loosens rules on touchdown celebrations

    Well it's about time.
  20. ouch

    I tinkered with my car. Now I get great gas mileage.

    172 mpg. Not bad! :tongue_sm