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  1. Tanuki

    FS PIF - 4 lots

    Not here! But everybody looks at BST, right? https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/pif-1000-posts.577208/
  2. Tanuki

    PIF - 1000 posts

    Listen up, people! This PIF is complicated. But, prizes, prizes, prizes!!! And CONUS shipping is covered, so it is definitely worth your time. I recently realized that I have been shooting my mouth off on B&B to the tune of 1000 posts. Plus I have a few items I might not use. (But all are...
  3. Tanuki

    Beall I-X collets + router bit extender = sweet brush handle turning

    I have been turning using a 1/2” router bit extender that is the perfect 12 buck collet chuck for my Beall I-X collets. I just happened to run into the bit extenders when looking for the right chuck to hold the Beall I-X. Looks like the are many price points, but the low end one I bought is...
  4. Tanuki

    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    I have been shaving too much (and chasing BBS way too much) throughout Slantember and OCtober. I resolve to not chase BBS again until Thanksgiving Day. Not even a fresh Feather or a new razor will tempt me. Well, I’ll be tempted, but my gentlemanly restraint will win the day. Pile in, post a...
  5. Tanuki

    Mince me an oath!

    B&B being a gentlemanly sort of venue, I must not be the only one who minces an occasional oath in a post. I mean, gosh all hemlock, there are surely hundreds of fine minced oaths I have yet to encounter. Gee whillikers, post them here! Background is of course appreciated. And if you can...
  6. Tanuki

    Tony Miller Horween Veg Horsehide

    I just received my 3” Horween veg tanned horsehide/cotton strop from Heirloom Razor Strop. I exchanged a couple emails with Mr Miller to help decide on material and width. I couldn’t be more pleased with the strop, the service, and the man himself. It arrived mid-shave. My son brought the...
  7. Tanuki

    Titanium razor handles from Russian artisan

    Check out this thread for more information and a link. “Aristocratic “ Titanium Handle Here is what I received after a little conversation on custom dimensions: L pinecone knurl 10x80mm 22g R cut diamond knurl 12x75mm 29g
  8. Tanuki

    How old is your oldest disposable razor?

    I will track down and quote @huck1995’s remarkable tale. My oldest disposables are branded ‘Old Spice’, live in a ziplock bag that constitutes one of my travel toiletries kits, and are at least ten years old. Not exactly BBS, but still socially acceptable....
  9. Tanuki

    Tanuki's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? John What are your nicknames/aliases? Tanuki Where do you live? Oregon What is your age (or) generation? Boomer What are you in the real world? Raising sons, trees, and not much Cain anymore. Oh yeah - former data geek What is your favorite shave...