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    Milk Bath Photoshoot??

    My wife says she wants to do a milk bath photoshoot for our baby. Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Spoilers Netflix travelers last episode thoughts

    If you fid not see this show entirely skip this OK You were warned... Does anyone think that grant should have made the move on cat? I mean, the artist was a jerk who stod her up and he did love her. If they got together at the point, he would have all of the memories with her first...
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    D5100 Upgrade for focus?

    Hi everyone, I am a very amateur photographer with a d5100... and a toddler! I am finding that I am missing several shots by having focus somewhere else besides the subject. Would a newer body with more focus points help this, or am I the problem, lol? I do not know if going from 11 focus...
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    Does anyone know of a source for shochu in the US? I would really like the milk carton variety for home brews! Thanks in adavance!
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    Best online printer?

    Hi everyone, I have a ton of photos I would like to print. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, affordable, place to get prints? I have no experience with this other than costco. Thank you!