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    Proraso pre/postshave cream and alum blocks react?

    I have a small jar of proraso eucalyptus & menthol cream (green) -PRG that predates my entry to DE/Wetshaving. I'd always used it (then) as a post shave finisher which I'd always found bracing, cool and refreshing. I enjoyed the fragrance through the day as well. Until I started DE, I had no...
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    Done my first DE month on a U2 Tech.. next steps?

    Gidday all, I've done my first month on U2.. worked through samplers.. enjoyed the G&F Timor Solingen especially and Voskhod Teflon.. Derbys of all varieties left me "meh" I've been using the Proraso menthol soap at home and a Speick stick here in hospital and rotating through an old old...