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  1. Quintar

    Identify butterscotch simpson

    My neighbor was over and saw all my brushes in my bathroom. He said he had a few he had picked up here and there but since he was moving he wanted to get rid of them. So he checked in a box under his bathroom sink and came up with this old catalin handle Simpson brush. It seems to be in...
  2. Quintar

    free shipping and sale items at urban outfitters

    I got an email about free shipping on all items at urban outfitters so I went to buy a few things and found out they sell a nice amount of shaving gear, much of it on sale... proraso http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/search.jsp?q=proraso portland general store...
  3. Quintar

    Yosh Sombre Negra

    I got a decant of this from archerfire. I tried it out today and everyone was commenting on it, and positively. That in itself is pretty unusual but even more weird is two separate women told me I smelled like their boyfriends. First thing out of their mouths upon meeting me...I really doubt it...
  4. Quintar

    smell bent sale

    I just got an email that smell bent is selling 10 of his fragrances at fab.com for 30% off. bollywood or bust and incensed are 2 of my favorites that are included. Thought I'd post it here for those not on the mailing list since $30 is a good price for a good line. http://fab.com/sale/16553/
  5. Quintar

    The Story of Fragrances

    Thought you guys might find this interesting In IFRANA's (IFRA North America) documentary "The Story of Fragrances," experts from the fragrance industry reveal how artistry and passion combine with science and technology to create the world's most innovative fragrances and best-selling perfumes.
  6. Quintar

    new round of EU ingredient bans

    Not to be alarmist, as this seems to happen every year, but here's the latest round of restrictions. It seems to be getting ridiculous since now they are proposing an outright ban on oakmoss and insanely low limits for rose, citrus and coumarin. Since that is basically all perfumes perhaps this...
  7. Quintar

    Portrait of a lady or Noir de Noir

    I have quite a few rose fragrances and while I like them a lot I think I could do better... So in my searching I came across Tom Ford Noir de Noir and Frederic Malle portrait of a lady. they both look interesting to me because rose is the main focus of the composition, as in this is DEFINITELY a...
  8. Quintar

    Chandler Burr Untitled Series

    Not sure how much they will cost...and there are only 100 bottles available each month, but it might be interesting... they are in 50ml bottles so maybe if one person signs up they could decant it into ten decants of 5ml and split it among 10 members :wink2: Chandler Burr the curator of...
  9. Quintar

    CdG Avignon

    I have been looking for this scent for a while and I saw last week archerfire had it on his list. I recieved the decant today, I tried it on tonight and it is amazing!! It obviously smells like incense but its just amazingly clean and clear. You really do get transported right into a church when...
  10. Quintar

    Stick of arko in new gorillaz video!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yNeF30RverQ so this new video just came out and while watching the guy close his bathroom cabinet i couldn't believe my eyes as there is clearly a stick of arko sitting on the shelf!
  11. Quintar

    Halloween...scariest fragrance?

    I was getting into costume for a Halloween party tonight. I went to pick out a fragrance to wear and started thinking what would be an appropriately scary fragrance? I chose Kouros :scared: So it got me thinking what would be the scariest fragrance? maybe somthing like Etat Libre...
  12. Quintar

    reorganizing the shave den

    I've been acquiring more and more stuff lately. I like setting it out on the counter so I can see all my wares. Also I have hardly and drawers or storage space in the bathroom but I have a HUGE countertop so I don't have much choice really :wink2:. Lately my girlfriend has been getting...
  13. Quintar

    Crabtree & evelyn half price

    I randomly came across a sale at gracioushome.com. All the crabtree & evelyn shaving supplies are half price. Soap and bowl fro $11 or just the refill for $4.50. The aftershave balm is $16. Also you get free shipping on $50 or more and if you enter GHU2011 you get 10% off. $9.90 for a soap and...
  14. Quintar

    Another shaving experience at AOS in vegas

    So I was in Las Vegas this last weekend with a few friends, gambling, eating, looking at things :wink2: I was planning on getting a shave at the truefitt & hill shop but when I called them they said it was $75 for a shave. Since I had not been doing so well at the tables, that was seemed a bit...
  15. Quintar

    AOS sandalwood soap, does it smell like anything?

    I ordered a puck of AOS sandalwood. I like sandalwood colognes and such and when there was a coupon for $10 off at AOS I thought, I always wanted to try the soap and sandalwood is nice so I'll give it a shot. So when I got the soap and opened it, I gave it a sniff and thought it was almost...
  16. Quintar

    First shave with modern williams

    A couple of months ago I picked up a puck of williams at CVS. I figured I'd give it a shot and see how awful it was first hand. Well last night I was bored so I thought I'd try it out. I wanted to give it a fair test so I treated it just like any other of my soaps. I splashed a little water...
  17. Quintar

    Random find at work today

    So I work in a biology lab and I was sitting at my desk today when one of the technicians comes in with a box. She had found a box of tools that an old lab member who left a few years ago had boxed up and stashed away. Inside were several tools and 2 boxes of blades. Most of the blades were big...
  18. Quintar

    Good haul today

    When I arrived home today I had 3 boxes waiting for me! They turned out even better than I had expected. I won 2 ebay auctions for insanely low prices so I was very skeptical about what I would be receiving. First up was a 1950s early glass old spice mug with unused puck of soap that I won...
  19. Quintar

    Strange edge problem on my new dovo razor

    I was interested in trying out straight shaving, so I did some looking around and I ordered a dovo best quality 5/8 full hollow razor from the superior shave. seems to be a good razor to start out with. i also got a filly stop from rup razor. The dovo razor comes shave ready so when it came I...
  20. Quintar

    Dairy Queen shaving bunny commercial

    never knew bunnies could give straight shaves :thumbup: -VtH5xdbMtU