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  1. OtterLunacy

    Tendskin is a ripoff

    Hopefully not the isopropyl! :001_rolle
  2. OtterLunacy

    Just plain old water....

    +1 to that! Also, the follow-up: "just because it's natural doesn't mean it's healthy." For what it's worth, I don't wash head-to-toe (with soap) on a daily basis. Just head, armpits, and the "bits." Everything else only gets soap as-needed, which is very rarely. I'm always tweaking my routine...
  3. OtterLunacy

    Tendskin is a ripoff

    Alcohol does work to dry out the skin, yes. However, it has astringent and disinfectant properties, and many things that aren't very soluble in water are much more soluble in alcohol. And as for the ingredients, many work best when they are in trace quantities. In pills, for example, the...
  4. OtterLunacy

    EBAY DIGEST: Interesting Shaving Related Recent Sales Recap

    To be fair, the case says "SPLIT BUCK SHOT" on it, so I think the listing was just parroting that phrase (as opposed to making a claim about what the lead is used for).
  5. OtterLunacy

    Conversion Therapy for Arko Haters

    My post was also meant in good humor, with offense neither taken nor intended. :001_smile Arko. . . Arko. . . It's a decent shampoo that keeps the flies out of my hair. :001_tongu
  6. OtterLunacy

    Conversion Therapy for Arko Haters

    ^^^ What he said. It might be just as drying as dish soap!
  7. OtterLunacy

    70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol?

    Hydrogen peroxide is definitely good stuff, but I don't want it near any metals that could potentially oxidize. Barbacide is a strong disinfectant and it's safe to use on metals. If it's good enough for the professionals, it's probably good enough for home use. . . . But that's just when I need...
  8. OtterLunacy

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    I wanted to like the Strong Leopard, but it wasn't meant to be. Cheap junk, and I learned my lesson: I now have a Feather with far superior build quality and performance. Buy once, cry once. I totally understand chasing that "perfect deal,' but this is one particular chase I've tapped out of.
  9. OtterLunacy

    Why is my neck like this? Redness. Wrong razor? Pictures enabled.

    I've been fighting bumps on the neck for years now but I still don't have a perfect solution. So far, not going against the grain has had the biggest impact, followed by a post-shave routine. I rinse the residual soap off with cool or lukewarm water, then apply more cold water. After that I use...
  10. OtterLunacy

    How much for soap?

    I'd say about $15 and up is where I have to start "justifying" the purchase. But I have no hard cutoff in mind--I've purchased 2 pucks of SV and will probably end up buying MdC at some point, along with trying a bunch of other stuff I haven't gotten to. The hardest part to justify is buying...
  11. OtterLunacy

    Shave Soap Stick(s) - Why?

    Unfortunately, shaving has a ton of variables involved. Your genetics, habits, and environment impact the skin, water quality can be all over the place, and each person's shaving tools and techniques are pretty unique too. When you think about it, being able to agree on anything is far more...
  12. OtterLunacy

    Should the containers be non transparent?

    To be clear, soap isn't as sensitive to sunlight as, say, undeveloped film is, but it will cause damage over time. As long as you don't keep the soap on the windowsill or under a skylight I suspect that oxidation will be a much greater factor in soap spoilage. And that shouldn't keep you up at...
  13. OtterLunacy

    Anyone else anti-tallow?

    I'd be against killing animals solely for the making of soap, but as far as I know that issue hasn't really come up. Otherwise, I'm just against bad shaves, and try to avoid (re-)buying products that tend to lead to irritation and ingrowns. Whether or not the soaps contain tallow doesn't really...
  14. OtterLunacy

    Shave Soap Stick(s) - Why?

    :lol: Thanks for helping me learn something new today. Still, all of those fancy extracts in it must do something, because SV (4.0) is consistently my best performing soap so far in this journey, while Arko. . . Well, if someone wanted to gift it to me I would politely decline. Or possibly use...
  15. OtterLunacy

    Shave Soap Stick(s) - Why?

    I do! For me, it's not the scent that is the issue. While I won't miss the scent, I found the shaves to be lacking. The performance was so weak that I almost threw it out after each shave--partly because it's the most drying soap I've encountered to date. It might actually dry my skin out more...
  16. OtterLunacy

    Anyone else anti-tallow?

    Stearic acid can also be derived from plants. The animal origin is probably much more common and cheaper, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of true vegan soaps with stearic acid in them.
  17. OtterLunacy

    How much do you rinse after shaving with Soap?

    I usually rinse everything off, which can take some time. Whether or not I should/need to is another matter best explored by those with less quirks and obsessions than I. Ah yes, the technique of a true B&B veteran. Classic! :001_302:
  18. OtterLunacy

    Should the containers be non transparent?

    Yeah, what he said. But I don't think transparent containers will be an issue so long as you keep the containers out of sunlight. Now, it wouldn't be my container of choice if I was hoping to save that puck for decades, but then again I'm not sure what would be. Something fancy from NASA? :001_rolle
  19. OtterLunacy

    Anyone else anti-tallow?

    That's quite a claim to make and leave without any supporting information. Honestly, it sounds like a joke but given the limitations of the written language I'm not sure.
  20. OtterLunacy

    My Favourite - Blue's Soap Goat Milk and Animal Fat From New Zealand Shaving Soap

    As an update, at some point I ended up tossing this product and using the tin for samples. I don't have quite as much free time as I used to, and I'm now obligated to shave more often (= less recovery time), so constantly experimenting in an attempt to get acceptable shaves is no longer as...