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  1. ksblazer

    What are some of your favorites that you don't wear in public?

    Just like the title says What are your favorites that you don't wear outside. Do to the response you get from the public? Zino Davidoff: Some people like the scent. But others have been like oooh!! Bijan: No comments. Just an eyebrow raiser and a look like I need to wash that off.
  2. ksblazer

    Any colognes that pair well with Saponificio Veresino Felce

    Bought the shave soap and aftershave and I'm blown away by how much I enjoy it's scent. I have always enjoyed fougere colognes. But none that I have are a bright fougere like felce is. Just curious if anyone here that has smelled SV felce could tell me which cologne would smell very similar to...
  3. ksblazer

    Looking to trade Calvin Klein Aqua EDP

    I just bought this and realize that it is a women's fragrance even though the site didn't mention it. I have only sprayed it 3 times. So now it is up for trade Looking to trade it for some shaving soap(s) or cream(s) Purchase price was $25.25 Not asking full price and will listen to all offers
  4. ksblazer

    Gentleman's Cologne

    So here is my question When you want to smell like a refined Gentleman, what do you wear? I'm curious on what everyones perception of what this would be? Look forward to your reply(s):001_smile
  5. ksblazer

    Anyone else still enjoy 80's colognes?

    Not sure what it is about those 1980's macho powerhouse colognes that I like so much. I think it may be that it was about the time (mid to late 80's) that I started getting my own colognes and not using Dad's anymore. Or maybe it just brings back memories of my youth. Or the strong scent they...
  6. ksblazer

    Do you ever make blind buys?

    Just curious on what percentage of B&B members make blind cologne buys? I've never been much of a cologne guy. I used to have a good rotation of about 6 colognes. But about 6 months ago I felt the need to try some new stuff. I have been reading reviews and doing searched on the net for scents...
  7. ksblazer

    Any ocean scented shave creams out there?

    I have always enjoyed the Ocean/Marine scented colognes and was wondering if there are any good creams, croaps or soaps out there that you guys would recomend? Perferably something with Tallow
  8. ksblazer

    Does Pinaud VIBR dry your skin out?

    I never noticed this until a couple weeks ago and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? When I use Pinaud VIBR the next day my skin seems to be a little dry. I originally thought it may be the Arko soap I was using. So I stayed away from Arko for a while. And was using other...
  9. ksblazer

    Barbershop poll stolen

    This morning a had a great shave and was feeling good. While I was getting my oil changed. I went across the street for a cup of Americano and picked up a newspaper to kill time. Read the sports page first as that is my favorite part, then read the local news. That is when I came across this...
  10. ksblazer

    Help! My face is on fire!

    The last few shaves I've done, I've gotten some bad burn. Originally I thought maybe I was using too much pressure. Took a few days off and let my face recover. So I do a shave last night with a completely different set up and after my 2nd pass. My cheeks are burning. Finish up the shave and...
  11. ksblazer

    What are your favorite value smoke(s)

    I'm going to ask this question for both the cigar and pipe smokers here. What are your favorite value tobacco or cigars? For me it's Quintero Y Hermano cigars. I never had any desire to smoke these cigars. Then my friend that I swap cigars with sent me a Quintero Brevas and told me to give...
  12. ksblazer

    Irisch Moos for St. Patty's day?

    So what do you guys say Should we celebrate St Patty's day by shaving with Irisch Moos:clover:
  13. ksblazer

    Would you go to a shaving convention?

    I did a quick search and didn't find anything, so there may be one already. I'm just not aware of it. Anyway I was thinking that it would be cool if they had a shaving convention with all the shaving vendors and distributers there. They would give out free samples, introduce new products and...
  14. ksblazer

    Contest:You might be a Badger and Blade member if.

    Okay I thought I would post this for everyone here to poke a little fun at ourselves and have a good laugh or two:lol: Maybe I should make a contest out of this?:idea: Yes!! yes!!!! Thats what I'll do.:biggrin1: Winner will get a prize for the best reply. So here it goes. Fill in the blank...
  15. ksblazer

    Anyone do this?

    One of the great things that I found that I like about shaving is all the different soaps/creams and post shave products that you can use. Being fairly new to DE shaving I've been experimenting with these products. This morning I was going to do a menthol shave. Bigelow cream rinse it off with...
  16. ksblazer

    50's car test

    Take this 50's car test and share your score with us:biggrin1: 50's Car Test All right, lets see how you do. The average score is 73% http://www.americantorque.com/game/car-show-50s/ There are 12 sets of cars and...
  17. ksblazer

    Do you remember your first shave?

    I thought I would ask this question as it takes me down memory lane. oud of It contained a plastic razor with no blade of course, a small shot sized cup with a handle for my cream, a little tiny plastic bristle brush. Boy was I excited :thumbup:(kinda like Ralphie when he got his Red Rider BB...
  18. ksblazer

    I wish Pinaud would make.

    Ever since I've discovered Pinaud products. I've been wearing the original Clubman and the Virgin Island bay rum all the time, even though I have other colognes. I Just can't get enough of those 2 scents and look forward to trying the others. Now this is not about the aftershave (thats why I...
  19. ksblazer

    Welcome ksblazer to Badger & Blade

    Hello to everyone at Badger and Blade:biggrin1: I've been checking the site out for about 2 weeks now, as I have an interest to getting into DE shaving. (I'm currently shaving with an electric) After a few days of surfing around, I realized that I need to join up. Not only do I enjoy the...
  20. ksblazer


    The San Fransisco 49ers will be squaring off against the Baltimore Ravens. I see the 49ers are a 4 1/2 point favorite in todays newspaper. So who are you rooting for? And what is your prediction on what the final score will be?