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  1. nole1

    Top Gear UK

    I'm a huge fan of Jezza, James, and Richard but hate the wait until the new season airs on BBC America. I've started downloading them Sunday nights after they air live in the UK and figured I'd share if anyone else would like to watch. PM me your email address and I'll send you an invite to my...
  2. nole1

    Want to smell like a Pizza Hut?

    "We’ve decided to reward our 100,000 fans by actually creating the Pizza Hut perfume! The first 100 people to direct message us will get a bottle of this limited-edition scent. Share this photo with a friend!" Here is their facebook page announcing it.
  3. nole1

    How to respond to the "What are you wearing? question

    Recently, I have been asked by several different people the question, "What are you wearing?" Normally it is followed up with a, "You smell really good!" and I'll laugh and say thank you it's ____ and go about my day. My question is, what do you all say when you're wearing a niche scent or a...
  4. nole1

    What do you do when the wife loves a scent you don't?

    Lately it seems like my wife has the strongest reaction to scents I don't particularly care for or are just ok in my book. Most recently these have been Bond No 9 Montauk and Creed Aventus. Don't get me wrong, I think both of these smell great at first sniff. They just aren't something I want to...
  5. nole1

    Viktor & Rolf: Spicebomb

    So I was at Nordstrom the other day picking up some Brooks Brothers shirts they had on sale and the rep when I was checking out would not shut up about the new V&R scent 'Spicebomb'. Kept telling me how amazing it was and that I just had to try it. So while I was at the register the wife went...
  6. nole1

    Creed Split - Round 1: Feuilles Vertes, Selection Verte, Windsor

    Feuilles Vertes has been filled Selection Verte has been filled Windsor has been filled After much debate, I've decided to run this split with the possibly of doing a couple rounds with other scents (depending on how this one goes). First up will be a split of Feuilles Vertes, Selection...
  7. nole1

    Creed Split: Vote for your choice in scent!

    Hey Guys, Here is the poll for what scents you would like to see offered. Three are limited release, three are mainstay scents. Please vote for the scents you would be willing to purchase if they were offered. If you would be willing to purchase any of them, please vote for only the ones you...
  8. nole1

    Creed Split: Help Pick the Scents!!!

    Gentlemen, I have been working with Josh to put together a split for a few Creed scents. The sizes to be offered are 10ml and 30ml. The pricing will depend on the scents chosen by the group as there is a wide range in prices for a flacon (Acier Aluminium is $235/250ml while Windsor is...
  9. nole1

    Huge After Christmas Sale on Several Penhaligon's Frags

    Double post and cant delete. sorry.
  10. nole1

    HUGE After Christmas Sale at Penhaligon's

    Just got this email a few minutes ago. Some great stuff (like Lords/Hammam/Castile/LP9 50ml edt for $40 or Opus Shave Cream tube for $24) at really great prices. HURRY AND STOCK UP!!! :w00t: http://www.penhaligons.com/shop/sale-50-percent-us.html
  11. nole1

    Rover on sale at WCS again!

    For those of you that were on the fence last time, today's "Deal of the Day" at West Coast Shaving is the new Simpson Rover once again. And remember, the B&B discount stacks with the deal to make it even sweeter! :w00t:
  12. nole1

    There's an MdC Group-Buy going on fellow brush heads

    For those of you that don't frequent the Shaving Soap sub-forum, Price has organized an MdC group buy. Check it out!
  13. nole1

    Package tracking app free in Mac app store

    I was browsing through the mac app store (the one for your computer, not iphone/ipod/ipad) and saw an app called 'Package Tracking' in the productivity section. Seems pretty useful for anyone who ships/receives packages a lot. It's nothing fancy but gets the job done. You simply type in the...
  14. nole1

    Summer sale at Penhaligon's

    So it looks like its the summer sale at Penhaligon's. The have 50ml bottles of Hammam Bouquet as well as 50ml & 100ml bottles of Racquets for 30% off. Just figured I'd let everyone know!
  15. nole1

    Simpsons now charging to order replacement stickers?

    I was trying to find some information on the progress of the LE brushes they were looking to put out and stumbled across this on twitter. I have always preferred the look of my Simpsons brushes with the stickers. When my last one fell off I emailed Mark and he sent me 3 new one right away...
  16. nole1

    Anyone tried the Lab Blue Personnas?

    Here is a link to them on razor blades and more. It says they are the same as the med prep ones "but do not go through prep process" (whatever that means). I was curious if anyone had tried them and can attest to the quality vs the med prep blades? Seems like for $18 per 100 rather than $31...
  17. nole1

    Group-buy: Martin de Candre - *Update See Post 74*

    Greetings Gent's! With mod approval, I have put together a small group-buy for the large jars of infamous Martin de Candre shaving soap. :thumbup: And you thought your SSAD was under control :devil: I'm looking for interest in purchasing a total of 12 jars (I will be buying 1 so I need...
  18. nole1

    Where can I find Czech & Speake samples?

    I'm in the market for some more edts and while I have my wishlist of Penhaligon's scents that I want to try I got curious about Czech & Speake. I went to their site to place an order for some samples when I noticed they were charging me £25.00 for shipping :confused1. I don't see how it...
  19. nole1

    Penhaligon's on Amazon the real deal?

    While I was playing with the coinstar machine at my local grocer I noticed that you can turn in coins to get an amazon gift card and not have to pay the coinstar fee. I was looking at maybe picking up some more Penhaligon's edt and saw that they have several listed for sale. My question is...
  20. nole1

    Groomsmen Gift Ideas

    I'm getting married at the end of march and was wanting some input on good gifts to give my groomsmen. They are all fairly young (28,26,22). I've picked up a couple ties for two of them already (I'll probably find something else small to give them) but I'm stuck on what to get my best man...