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  1. PhillyB

    Acquiring Birdshot

    Quick question, I wanna pick up some #8 or #7.5 shot for reloading some target 12 gauge. $50 or less is preferred. We have a Sportsman's Warehouse near where I live, but apparently they having "difficulties in the supply chain". Management is probably just being slow getting the paperwork...
  2. PhillyB

    Suitable substitues

    Hello all. I recently used up the last of my McClelland No 27 and Blackwoods, and while I'm sad to see them go I am happy to have had them in my cellar. My question is this: What tobacco would be a suitable substitute for my now discontinued favorite Virginias? It doesn't have to be an exact...
  3. PhillyB

    I made dis

    Got tired of not having a proper pipe ashtray. So I made one! $4 for a small (but weighty) ceramic bowl, I already had the cork, and some super glue. 15 minutes later, I put it through it's paces and emptied/cleaned ALL of my pipes.
  4. PhillyB

    10+ year old Orlik

    Hey folks! Figured I'd share this moment. Got a sleeve of 3 Orlik tins about 5 years ago, and they were at least 5 years old already when I got them. Well, I just finished the first tin I opened (on the right) and opened the second (on the left). I gave one away as a prize on YouTube (back...
  5. PhillyB

    Range Scroungers Anonymous

    Hey folks! As a reloader, I do something that I'm sure many like me do. Whenever I go to the range, one of the first or last things I do while there is look for spent casings that I reload, may eventually want to reload, or just find too valuable to leave on the ground. I was hoping to create...
  6. PhillyB

    A USA headstamp on 38 Special

    Quick dumb question, who makes this ammo? Just some range trash brass I picked up (13 empty cases) but I didn't recognize the headstamp. Thanks folks!
  7. PhillyB

    FS SchOne OC, Edwin Jagger refills

    Up for sale is one lightly used SchOne open comb razor, not sure of the model. Bought it a few years ago, been languishing on my shelf. Just didn't ring any bells for me. $20 including shipping. Also up are 2 Edwin Jagger refills. $6 each, shipping included. $10 for both, shipping included...
  8. PhillyB

    Mystery Tumbler Media

    I picked this up at the local gun store for $10. Looked pretty much the same as some modern Hornady Walnut media, but I've never seen this before. Anybody have additional info?
  9. PhillyB

    First English smoke in over a year

    Hey folks. As I mentioned in a previous post, for a time I had switched to smoking mainly cigarettes. After about a year, I decided that wasn't a smart long term decision (In terms of finances or health) and switched back to pipes. For over a month I've pretty much smoked OTC blends...
  10. PhillyB

    Help me ID some mystery ammo/cases

    I got these in a collection from my grandpa. Most of them I've been able to identify, but these have me stumped. Any ideas? The photo is of the ammo/case in question.
  11. PhillyB

    Range pickings

    So I went to the range today to test out a batch of 7.62x54r that I reloaded. Worked beautifully. There was one other person up there, so naturally we started friendly conversation. He shot my guns, I shot his (which he insisted on me doing a 10 round mag for accuracy, and one as a mag dump)...
  12. PhillyB

    Off the cigs, back to the pipe

    Hey folks! Been a while since I posted here. I briefly took up cigarette smoking (unfiltered US Gold mainly), but have switched back to pipes. Just not economically sustainable, and better on my health in the long run. Smoking mainly OTC blends at the moment, but working my way back into...
  13. PhillyB

    First batch of 7.62x54r

    Finally got the first batch done! Stuff used Brass: once fired PPU Bullets: Midway USA "seconds", 180gr .311 (aka 303 Brit) SPJ, same as surplus ammo dia Primers: Remington large rifle Powder: 43.5gr IMR4895 No crimp applied, seated to 3.00 inches (give or take). Next stop, rifle range!
  14. PhillyB

    Reloading 7.62x54r Question

    Hi folks! This one is kind of out there. I just got the dies and other materials to reload 7.62x54r. At my local gun store, they recently bought what appears to be an estate's gun and reloading supply collection. Things like Redding and RCBS dies for $15-$20, none of which I need unfortunately...
  15. PhillyB

    Dove in the deep end

    Hey folks! Got an update on my reloading adventures for you. And oh boy, I've gotten the bug in a big way. Got a press, dies for 32-20, 38 Special/357 Magnum, .380 ACP, an RCBS Uniflow with an older rifle cylinder and a brand new pistol cylinder, and enough bullets, brass and primers for (at...
  16. PhillyB

    Made a trip to Stateline Bullets

    I was recently recommended Stateline Bullets for cast 38 Special reloading. I saw that it was only an hour away from me, so I decided to make a little day trip down there from NY where I live. Holy cow that place is amazing! Not exactly the best presentation, looks like an old freight depot...
  17. PhillyB

    38 Reloading Issue Sussed

    I just unloaded my reloaded 38 Special, and I think I may have discovered the issue. Upon visual inspection of the loads I was undoing, they didn't seem very consistent. When I tested my Lee dipper, the .5cc dipper only throws 3.9-4.2 grains of Unique. That would be a major contributing factor...
  18. PhillyB

    Reloading Results

    Hi everyone. My last few posts were about my recent reloading adventures. I figured a follow up would be a good idea. 32-20 worked beautifully. 115 grain solid lead bullets, .3cc dipper of Unique, Starline brass, Winchester primers. 38 Special did not go as well. 140 grain JHP Sierra...
  19. PhillyB

    First batch of 38 Special

    Ok, first of all, I may have made this +P unintentionally, but that's ok. Stuff used: once fired Remington brass, Winchester primers, 4.5-ish grains of Unique, and Sierra 140 grain JHP bullets. Fiancé assisted me and made the process significantly faster.
  20. PhillyB

    First batch of 32-20

    Finally got my first batch done. Used once fired Starline brass, Winchester primers, 3.2-ish gains of Unique, and 115 grain hardened lead bullets.