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  1. LToled

    The Razor company

    +1 great company!
  2. LToled

    Fatip Piccolo for everyday?

    Take a look at the Schone. It is a Fatip OC but with a different number of teeth and spacing. I find it less aggressive than my regular Fatip OC but shaves just as efficiently. As a plus the Schone finish is also MUCH better than the Fatip.
  3. LToled

    Alum block blues

    My Osma block is holding up after months of constant use. Dry the surface with a quick wipe. Also use a rubber band around it to prevent it from slipping. I think I got mine from a batch of asparagus. I had a couple of other blocks that crumbled and the Osma is better IMHO.
  4. LToled

    More Yaqis, first impressions and reviews to follow.

    Thanks for the heads-up! I managed to grab a Yaqi Mountain Lake 2-band badger and Mysterious Space fan-shaped 2-band badger. It looks like there are a few left at sub-$13 prices.
  5. LToled

    Fatip Testina Gentile vs. any Tech

    For me, the Fatip Gentile feels slightly rougher and not as smooth as a Tech but it is more efficient. There is also more blade feel with the Gentile. I have pre-war and post-post war techs and I prefer them to the Fatip.
  6. LToled

    Midwinter's Balm PIF

  7. LToled

    Pecksniff's Classic edt

    Yup it does have some staying power. Just don't overdo it. I've learned a lighter trigger is better for Pecksniff.
  8. LToled

    Looking For Shaving Supplies Store Suggestions

    I've found good to great deals on West Coast Shaving, Maggards, Groomatorium, Grownmanshave, Italian Barber, Smallflower and Ebay. It all depends on what you are looking for.
  9. LToled

    Favorite Cheap Brush?

    My least expensive one I like is the Proraso Pro Boar Brush with silver handle. It's an Omega Pro 48 with a shorter loft, which I prefer. About $10 on the Bay.
  10. LToled

    Tell Me About Zenith

    I found the original makers in Italy and contacted them via email a couple of times months ago about it. Nothing in response. I may be one of the unlucky ones that just got a so-so product. I'm not losing any sleep over it. Like I said, it's a minor annoyance and I don't reach for the brush as...
  11. LToled

    Tell Me About Zenith

    I have all three brands in boar: 3 Omegas, 5 Semogues and 2 Zeniths. I've found each of the brands very good but among all my brushes, one of the Zeniths annoys me the most. It's very soft and broken in. It looks great with an aluminum handle. The knot is packed with bristle but almost every...
  12. LToled

    Curious about what setup you first used in wet shaving...

    My first DE setup was the following: Merkur 23C (still have it and use it for travel mostly) Vulfix pure badger brush Proraso Green soap Proraso Green aftershave Astra Platinum blades I still use them here and there but I've since fell deep in the rabbit hole.
  13. LToled

    Thater for Fendrihan

    Thanks Panda!
  14. LToled

    Thater for Fendrihan

    Any other long-term reports on the Thater-Fedrihan best badger brush?
  15. LToled

    Fine Lavender Pour Homme

    Fine Lavender is the only one in his line I haven't tried. I've been using Lisa's Natural Creations Lavender. It's a very masculine lavender. I mostly use Lavender when I decide to shave at night. It's a nice calming scent.
  16. LToled

    Question about Vetiver

    Let us know how you like them, Steve.
  17. LToled

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    100 Personna Lab Blues for 7.99 is hard to pass up. A nice and comfortable daily razor blade for me.