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  1. yakster

    The Fusilier's, Lancer's, & Bengal Slices

    When I first started with a pipe a couple decades ago I really enjoyed Bengal Slices, now getting back into it I've tried Fusilier's Ration and the SToP Bengal Slices but not Lancer's Slices (yet). Curious to hear comparisons. I've only started on the Bengal tin and haven't finished my first...
  2. yakster

    Smoking in casinos

    Tomorrow I'll be joining my family at the somewhat local casino and I was wondering if any brown leafers smoke their pipe or cigar at the casino. I'm not much of a gambler, so at a certain point I like to get a craft beer and one of my cigars and find a lounge or outside bench to sit down and...
  3. yakster

    Pipestone (Catlinite) Parade

    Don't know that many members will have any carved pipestone (Catinite) pipes, but I thought I'd throw this out here just in case. I have a small, flat pipe made out of pipestone that I picked up and tried to smoke with cigarette tobacco, but it's mostly ornamental for me. My dad also has a...
  4. yakster

    Yaupon Tea

    NPR's "The Salt" covered yaupon tea, brewed from the yaupon trees grown in North America, considered one of the only plants in North America to contain caffeine (besides the coffee plants grown in Santa Barbara, CA and as ornamentals across the country)...
  5. yakster

    Ink Bottle for refilling pens

    I picked up a Pilot Metropolitan and some Parker Quink then some Noodler's Black ink and then I started reading about ink bottles that are designed to make filling the pen easier when you run low on in. I've only filled the converter once or twice, so no fear of running out of ink too soon, but...
  6. yakster

    Largest DE Razor?

    Can't sleep and I'm curious what the largest stock DE razor is. Take this to mean a large handle or oversized head, whatever, but bonus points awarded to photos of astoundingly large razors.
  7. yakster

    Rough spot on Merkur 39c Head

    I picked up a second-hand Merkur 39c and noticed before trying it out that I could feel a rough spot or a snag on the top piece with my finger. I tried my best to take a picture of it with my phone, but all I could get was the white spot where it caught the light in the second scallop from the...