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  1. Eric W. Ford

    Contest number 3.1416 - Saint Charles Shave Savory Rose Raffle

    Since this is for the kids. How about this
  2. Eric W. Ford

    Finished - Contest # 100 - The Plisson 100 Contest

    Lets go Random.org. I'm Back
  3. Eric W. Ford


    Justfor the curious folks out there Octoberfest actually starts in September. This years Octoberfest started September 19th and runs through October 4th. More information about Octoberfest can be found here
  4. Eric W. Ford

    Acqua di Parma in the tube

    I was concerned at first because I read somewhere else that the tube version was a brushless type. But I used it again yesterday (I'll use it every Sunday) it produced the thickest, densest lather I have ever used. Superb shaving experience. I paid 40 euro for the tube so yeah it is...
  5. Eric W. Ford

    What is The Best Canned Goo?

    Never really gave much thought about brushless creams. I mentioned canned goo because on training exercises time is a luxury and time spent shaving is not a luxury I have. Forgive me but I even thought about an electric razor. :eek: Since in my job and vehicle I would be able to recharge...
  6. Eric W. Ford

    Acquisitions September 21 - 27

    Latest Acquisition Acqua di Parma shave Cream in Tube 75ml. I'm saving this for my Sunday shaves.
  7. Eric W. Ford

    What is The Best Canned Goo?

    Simple question. What is the best canned goo? Unfortunately in my line of work bringing a brush and cream/soap to training events is not possible or rather inconvenient. So in these instances I will have to revert to using canned goo. But which one is better. There has to be a respectable...
  8. Eric W. Ford

    VDH knot size

    When I reknotted my VDH handle with a 22mm there was some wiggle room. Now I am not an expert on this so I don't know if its supposed to be like that or not. But you probably could go up to a 23mm with no problem.
  9. Eric W. Ford

    Acqua di Parma in the tube

    I bought this recently and unfortunately I have as of yet to try the tub. Is there a major difference in the two? I heard that the tube version is the brushless version. But I had no problem with the lather. And honestly it was the densest lather i have ever had and I have used TOBS, Prorasso...
  10. Eric W. Ford

    Body armour and humidity...

    For the conventional Army. We are wearing are armour through all conditions. Only the special operations get the chance to choose to wear armour (from my understanding).
  11. Eric W. Ford

    Body armour and humidity...

    As an active duty Soldier for 8 years (and counting). I would say that yes the US Army would send us to war in the current armour system. There was no issue in sending us to Iraq with this system where I have personally seen temperatures in the 150s. The only reason I feel that the US Army would...
  12. Eric W. Ford

    I Coloniali Shaving Cream

    OK I'll give it a try. Let everyone know what I think.
  13. Eric W. Ford

    Anybody Use This: I Coloniali Shaving Soap

    I can buy this locally, just wondering if its worth it? Click Here
  14. Eric W. Ford

    I Coloniali Shaving Cream

    Has anybody used this? I can get it locally but I wanna know what the consensus is first before dropping 20 euro.
  15. Eric W. Ford

    I Coloniali Shaving Cream or Soap

    has anybody used this? Nothing in the reviews about it. I can get it locally and it is not that expensive for a "higher" end cream or soap.
  16. Eric W. Ford

    New Baby On the Way

    well, the baby came early. She was born yesterday at 10:55am. Lauren Grace 6lbs 12oz
  17. Eric W. Ford

    Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream

    This was my 2nd cream the 1st being C.O. Bigelow. it is definitely on par with TOBS creams. And I use this cream at least once or twice a week. The scent is meh but it is not strong enough to matter.
  18. Eric W. Ford


    Since I live in Germany. I have to participate. Count me in.
  19. Eric W. Ford

    Post your shave dens!

    I have some Tabac shave stick that I milled down into a small bowl. I am referring to Penhaligon's, Castle Forbes, or Santa Maria Novella. What I eventually wanna have is some 1 of the 3 above, T&H, GFT, TOBS, Prorasso, Nivea.