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  1. azwetshaver

    FSOT Vintage Fuller 420 brush with original box- possibly NOS

    Looking to sell this possibly NOS vintage Fuller 420 brush. The original knot is brittle and the bristles will break. The knot would need to be replaced if you want to use it or this may sit on your shelf as a collectible. The original box has the ends torn but is in overall pretty good...
  2. azwetshaver

    FT 1953 Gillette Aristocrat #66 Coronation set - Made in England

    Looking to trade this beautiful Gillette #66. This is the aluminum Coronation set with proper case The razor weighs 38 grams. Comes with case and a handwritten receipt from 1953. The receipt is torn. The plating is in Excellent condition. No brassing on the head. The case has some stains that...
  3. azwetshaver

    FS Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple JMP

    Looking to sell this beautiful Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple JMP. This is a second generation JMP in excellent condition with little to no hone wear. Blade closes center. The only minor issue is the blade is a little tight. It opens and closes fully, but I am just nit picking at this point...
  4. azwetshaver

    FT Large box of stuff- GFT Scuttle, Grooming Dept Ingress, Mondial, GFT cream, CL LQV, more

    Looking to trade a Large box of stuff. I am trying to get my three storage boxes down to two. I know I should get down to one, but baby steps. :biggrin1: These have to go as a lot. There might be more things added, depending on the wrapping of the scuttle. Here is the list of goodies. GFT...
  5. azwetshaver

    Has anyone used the same brush everyday for years? Pics please

    Browsing a different forum, a member asked about the longevity of brushes and what is normal wear. He posted a pic of a Simpson pure and it had a doughnut in the middle. I've seen this before but mostly on synthetics. My immediate thought was he was applying too much pressure. He stated it was...
  6. azwetshaver

    GA7 Shavemac 2 band Fan

    Offering a Geoff Anderson GA7 Shavemac. Knot is 24mm Fan 2 band. It is too small for my tastes. Purchased from another forum. I did not use it. I did hand lather a few times to make sure it did not shed. Bottom is black resin. Asking $70 CONUS shipping and PP fees included.
  7. azwetshaver

    FS Gilltte News- Replated New & British RFB

    Looking to sell this pair of Gillette News. Asking $125 shipped CONUS for the pair. I used these once each. They are a little too aggressive for me. I used to love the New LC. Being a straight razor user, my DE technique is not what it used to be. I'm going to stick with the milder TTO...
  8. azwetshaver

    Wacker Old Sheffield returned from the Doc

    My Old Sheffield returned from it's short trip to the Doc @Doc226 . Alfredo did a great job modifying the original black horn scales. The scales extended too far into the tang when opened. He also replaced the brass rivets with small silver domed rivets. The wedge was black, maybe even plastic...
  9. azwetshaver

    WTB ***FOUND*** 7/8+ straight razor- Koraat, maybe others

    Looking to add to my SR collection. Before I pull the trigger on new, I thought I would check here. I have been drooling over a new Koraat, but I am open to others. I prefer 7/8+ and natural scales if I had a choice. I have a Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple I may trade if that helps loosen your...
  10. azwetshaver

    FS Above The Tie S1 Slant Atlas

    Looking to move along an ATT S1 slant. Comes with the Atlas handle. Asking $100 shipped CONUS Tossing in an Ikon B1 slant head. It is stainless steel with thier B1 coating. No handle but the Atlas handle does work with this head.
  11. azwetshaver

    FS Minty Fatboy

    Catch and release for me. Picked this up a couple weeks ago from this forum. I simply prefer my modern DEs. Razor presents as new. No case. Asking what I paid, $85 shipped CONUS
  12. azwetshaver

    Valobra - low stock

    I've noticed on a few websites that Valobra hard pucks are out of stock or low stock. Thier Fougere and Cologne scents are difficult to find, with only Patchouli being in stock. I certainly do not want to start panic, just sharing an observation. Any one have any insight?
  13. azwetshaver

    Fuller restoration

    It has been a few years since I restored a brush. I have done a couple of these vintage Fullers before, and have always enjoyed the colors. I was thinking about a 3 band, and even started a thread about current TGN 3 bands. Well that plan changed. I ended up with a 24mm Maggards SHD. The glue...
  14. azwetshaver

    FS Small soap lot- MWF, DRH, Mike's, Vintage Williams, freebie Zenith boar

    I was reorganizing my closet and found another box of soaps. Needless to say, its time to reduce the stash. Looking to sell these as a lot to save on shipping. William's is vintage tallow version. The good stuff. Mike's used a couple times. All others are new/unused. Asking $36 shipped CONUS...
  15. azwetshaver

    TGN Grade A vs Premium Silvertip

    I'm looking to restore another handle with a 3 band Silvertip. I'm looking for a super soft brush. I'm undecided if I should go with a Grade A or Premium Silvertip from TGN. They cost about the same. On one page, TGN states that the major difference is the supplier. This makes it seem they are...
  16. azwetshaver

    FS 1940's British Tech w/ case and Gillette Superspeed w/case starter kit

    Looking to sell a few items. 1940's British thin handle Gillette Tech. Razor is in very good condition. Comes with correct case that is also in very good condition. Weighs the correct 42 grams. Also included is a more common handle Gillette Fat Handle. Asking $48 shipped CONUS Link to Mr...
  17. azwetshaver

    FS Elite Razor Fire and Ice Manchurian White shave brush

    Looking to sell this Bob Quinn Elite Razor Fire and Ice brush. Soft white tips and does not shed. 26mm Manchurian White bulb knot. Handle height 67mm $60 shipped CONUS.
  18. azwetshaver

    FS Gabe's den clearance - Brushes, Straights, Strops

    Tough decisions, but I need to raise some funds. No trades please. Prices include CONUS shipping. CONUS shipping only. Brushes: M&F L7 28mm Jade handle- Brad Sears collaboration brush. Lightly used, no shedding. $165 Thater Plexi 26mm- Used. Extremely soft tips. Will lose a hair every now...
  19. azwetshaver

    NOS use it?

    I recently kicked up a NOS vintage razor. I can not 100% confirm its NOS, but it was sold to me a such and does appear to be unused. Absolutely pristine condition with coffin and tags that it came with when new. Now my question is, what to do with it. I use everything in my den. I am not a...
  20. azwetshaver

    FS Shavemac Jade 2 Bnad Silvertip

    A little too small for me. Asking $80 shipped CONUS Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip Knot diameter-- 24mm Loft -- 50mm Shape-- 142 Handle height-- 50mm Retail -- $145