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  1. OtterLunacy

    Coffee noob here

    Thanks folks, you have done it yet again. First shaving, then tea, and now coffee. At this rate I'll need to win the lottery to keep financing my addicti--er, hobbies. Yeah, hobbies. :001_rolle For a while now I've been a little bit curious about the variety of coffee descriptions you fine...
  2. OtterLunacy

    I should have stayed in the shaving forums. . .

    Congratulations enablers, you got me again! Up until yesterday I haven't ever bothered to look into The Cafe. Yesterday, I was content to drink my powdered bags of Chai with milk and sugar. Now, I have the irresistible urge to try pretty much every whole leaf tea! Jumping in with both feet, I...
  3. OtterLunacy

    A question regarding different grinds

    Hey all! Just had my straight razor baptism last night. Bad shave, no blood. No visible scratches. I'd call that a win. I'm mostly just glad I didn't have to go anywhere today, otherwise I'd have to do a LOT of cleanup with a different razor, and on irritated skin to boot. It's a GD 66 honed up...
  4. OtterLunacy

    Just got my first Schick!

    Before B&B I had no idea SEs even existed. After I joined, I noticed that DEs pretty much had a monopoly on the shave clinic. Straights were mentioned a few times, but never SEs. I only saw them because I went "huh, what's this 'Single Edged Razors' forum?" :lol: I'm not really interested in...
  5. OtterLunacy

    Newbie looking for AD suggestions

    Hi everyone! Thanks for making such a great forum to lurk in. I've been spending far too much of my time reading all around B&B for the past few weeks and I decided to finally bite the proverbial bullet--creating an account. I've had some cheap wetshave gear for a little more than a year...