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  1. cwsnc

    WTB Looking for Gillette Super 84 - R4 (4th Quarter 1971 - Birth Year and Quarter)

    I have been looking for my White Whale for almost 2 years now, I am trying to track down an R4 Super 84, hit me up if you have one that you might be willing to part with, also if you have a Super 109 (R4) I might be interested.
  2. cwsnc

    FS Den Clearing Sale

    Small Den Clearing Sale I have tried to document all the sale items the best that I could, as always feel free to contact me via DM if you have any questions. The majority of the items are used but in great shape, I take care of my items. These are items that have not been getting a lot of...
  3. cwsnc

    WTB Looking for an empty Floid Bottle (any Label)

    Looking for an empty Floid (400 ml) bottle does not matter what label is on it, I broke the lid and chipped the top of mine on the sink and I want to decant it into an unchipped bottle, hoping to find one on the cheap, can pay through PayPal, Thanks for checking this out.
  4. cwsnc

    FS Small Den Clearing Sale

    Small Den Cleaning, all items are in good used condition. All items will be shipped USPS with a tracking number. I am located in North Carolina so there may be a small delay in shipping this weekend if Florence hits us, but I will keep this list updated with the shipping status. CONUS only and...
  5. cwsnc

    Merkur 37C First Impressions.

    I received this razor from a BST purchase this week, and decided to use it this morning since I had a solid 2 days growth. Being that this was the first time that I had used a slant razor I took a little extra time with my normal shave prep and decided to pair the razor with something a little...
  6. cwsnc

    WTS : Vintage Gillette Adjustable's & Lamy Fountain Pen

    Up For Sale (1) Lamy LX Ruthenium Fountain Pen: $50.00 This is a new (unused) LX purchased directly from Lamy. This is a LF7M (Medium) Nib pen. Pen will come with the original shipping box and metal storage tube. Also included are 2 Lamy Z/24/28 converters purchased from Amazon. The pen also...
  7. cwsnc

    WTS-Gillette Razors,small den cleaning

    I have decided to clear out some of my vintage Gillette razors which don't see a lot of use. They are all in working order and good shape. They will all be sanitized in Barbicide prior to shipping and all items will ship in Priority 2-day mail with insurance and tracking. Items listed for your...
  8. cwsnc

    Wet Shaving Android App available in the Play Store.

    I do not work for the company that made this app or for Google, I found this app the other day and have been playing around with it and I am really impressed, I am an engineer by trade so stats and cataloging have always appealed to me. The app is fairly straightforward and it is a free d/l. I...
  9. cwsnc

    Today was an Epic Haul Day

    Got in a few different orders from The Italian Barber, Pheonix Accoutrements, and eBay..This should hold me over for a little while :-)
  10. cwsnc

    picked up a 4oz sample off a cella brick

    I wanted to try the brick just to see how different it is from the tub, found a seller on eBay selling 4 oz chunks, I formed it into a 4oz soap dish from Maggard's and finished off the lid with a reduced size of the 1000g box logo.Looking forward to trying this out on Sunday.
  11. cwsnc

    cwsnc's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Christopher What are your nicknames/aliases? Chris Where do you live? Durham NC What is your age (or) generation? 45 What are you in the real world? Network Engineer What is your favorite shave setup? I'm new to this so current favorite setup is...
  12. cwsnc

    The New Guy Checking in

    HI, Just started wet shaving about 9 days ago and loving it, was a foil/cart shaver until the switch and I can't believe how nice the change is, I have included a pic of my shave drawer of what I picked up over the last few days.