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  1. valthun

    Total Newb....pondering the switch from electric to DE

    While I never liked an electric, as I had tried them a few times. I was a major user of Gillette cartridge systems and thought those were the best thing ever, and would purchase the latest multi-blade system. My first jump to DE was with an all aluminum Standard Razor in black. They had...
  2. valthun

    Where are the Bakelite Razor Users?

    I have the PAA OC Slant, and I like the shave when I am one day out. But I am a terrible shaver and usually go a week. I tend to clog it up pretty quick. So, it just looks good in my drawer. I agree with the others though, no pressure, let it do it's thing and you will get a good shave out of it.
  3. valthun

    The LEAF Razor, Reviewed...

    How is the snapping of blades? This was the part that kind of turned me off on the prospect of this razor.
  4. valthun

    Viking Blades emperor chrome

    50 is not a bad price point for a razor like this. I think I do need to get an adustable into my lineup of razors. I always seem to go back to my first razor, even after sampling and buying more razors.
  5. valthun

    GD PIF

    I am glad you got a good shaver out of it. Once things get settled with the garage and other projects, I may give a GD another go.
  6. valthun

    Best Film Processing Services

    This is something I need to move forward on. I have followed the Darkroom on facebook for years, as local development was drying up. But about the same time I had kids and stopped actively shooting as much, and sticking with digital. I am glad there are still options out there. We just went to...
  7. valthun

    Rotbart Mond Extra PIF

    I am in, what an awesome opportunity. Thank you. I have found I like a more aggressive shave after trying out more razors recently.
  8. valthun

    Feather Popular PIF

    Very nice PIF, I will be not be in. But good luck to the winner.
  9. valthun

    Muddy's Meanderings

    I can't remember, it was from a trip to Hawaii I took in either 06 or 08. I was really getting a shot of the turtle and liked the tangs swimming along with him.
  10. valthun

    Muddy's Meanderings

    Nope, they were shipped from Hong Kong via the bay. I had three to give away. I am glad you got a useable edge so quick.
  11. valthun

    GD PIF

    I failed to mail one out, but that will be solved tomorrow. I have been in touch with the third winner to let him know what is going on. I look forward to see what you guys end up doing with your new razor.
  12. valthun

    dankeeler128's GD mod project, Take 1

    Looks good, and I like the plans you have for it. After I get the garage cleared out and a little work area setup I might go for it again.
  13. valthun

    GD PIF

    Looks like I don't have one address, but two will be mailed today. I have reached out the the third winner.
  14. valthun

    GD PIF

    I have all of the addresses, they will all be dropped into the mail today and I will provide tracking numbers to each winner. Hopefully I don't get them mixed up. ;)
  15. valthun

    GD PIF

    Alright, the drawing is complete. Using random.org and of twelve entries the top three are @Clay S @dankeeler128 @mawashi Please PM your mailing address for one of three GD razors. Thank you all for being interested in my first PIF.
  16. valthun

    GD PIF

    I have three GD 66s that I purchased a few years ago to mod. Just never found the time or space to do it safely away from my kids. So I am going to do my first PIF by passing along three razors. This will be US only and random pick. Date of draw will be Sunday the 6th. Active members in good...
  17. valthun

    Trip to AoS with a $75 gift card

    Yeah, they still carry some nice stuff, and I enjoy the window shopping if I am near one.
  18. valthun

    Trip to AoS with a $75 gift card

    I haven't been back to an AoS since the time I asked about the performance of a lather bowl. Instead of extolling how great it is, they tried to push their soap on me. I mean, there I was, willing to spend extra on a bowl, if it had some great performance. But they seemed to just want to push...
  19. valthun

    What razor/blade did you use today

    first pass with Standard Razor Gillette Silver Blue, second pass with PAA slant and same blade
  20. valthun

    DIY Kamisori style DE safety razor

    I would love to see the update