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  1. velvetgoldmine

    Syd Barrett documentary film to be released this summer

    A Syd Barrett documentary film 'Have You Got It?' is to be released this summer.
  2. velvetgoldmine

    Vintage Simpson Advertising Display Cards

    A UK vendor is offering some nice old Simpson Brushes advertising display cards on eBay at £7UK BIN for a batch of five. He ships internationally, and they are lightweight (I know, because I bought some myself), so shouldn't cost much to mail. He states that they are "part of the inventory...
  3. velvetgoldmine

    KENT BK8 £52.70 + free international delivery

    HQHair are selling the Kent BK8 for £52.70 (UK£) and the BK2 for £24, both with free worldwide delivery.
  4. velvetgoldmine

    Santa Syd says

    Happy Christmas everyone!
  5. velvetgoldmine

    A little light reading.

    if you have $500 to spare!
  6. velvetgoldmine

    60 glorious years!! Congratulations Maam!

    Warmest congratulations to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee!
  7. velvetgoldmine

    Christmas Avatars?

    Is it time for the Christmas avatars yet? :001_smile
  8. velvetgoldmine

    New Floid Range?

    A UK vendor plans to introduce several new Floid products to the UK market in the next few weeks. Anyone got any information on what these might be?
  9. velvetgoldmine

    Chris Isaak - Cool?

    Is Chris Isaak cool, or what?
  10. velvetgoldmine

    Happy Birthday HRH Prince Philip!

    Congratulations to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on the occasion of his 90th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Sir!
  11. velvetgoldmine

    Facelift - Shaving behind the ears

    I once heard that if you have a facelift, you end up having to shave behind your ears because during the procedure, skin from your beard area is dragged up there. Anyone know if there's any truth in this?
  12. velvetgoldmine

    Does steel ever touch skin?

    It occurs to me to wonder if the blade - DE or straight - ever actually makes contact with the skin of the face during a wet shave? Or is there a constant barrier of lather throughout the process? Sporting friends of mine have suggested that skiers don't ski on snow - that they slide on a...
  13. velvetgoldmine

    Happy Birthday Ma'am

    Happy Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 85 today!
  14. velvetgoldmine

    An Introduction to Syd Barrett

    Matilda Mother - 2010 remix by David Gilmour. Way to go!
  15. velvetgoldmine

    A Homemade Spacecraft!

    This is totally brilliant! :thumbup:
  16. velvetgoldmine

    Where are the Christmas Avatars?

    When do the Christmas avatars start? You know - the ones with the red hats, and stuff? :w00t:
  17. velvetgoldmine

    The Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Are American folk much interested in this? Is anyone, anywhere interested in this? Personally, I have fond memories of William's mohter, congratulate the couple on their engagement, and wish them every future happiness.
  18. velvetgoldmine

    A Gillette Restoration...

    I'd been looking for an old open comb razor for some time, so was pleased to spot this amongst a display of antique microscopes and sundry medical equipment at a Scientific Instruments fair in London recently. On the face of it, not too impressive, but with potential, I thought. The seller was...
  19. velvetgoldmine

    How to load a Fatboy?

    Can anyone tell me the correct sequence for loading a blade/adjusting a Fatboy, please?
  20. velvetgoldmine

    Geo F. Trumpers Photo

    Here's a photo I recently took of Trumpers in their new location, Duke of York Street - a stone's throw from their old premises in Jermyn Street. Carefully note the Red Lion pub, immediately next door!