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  1. EB Newfarm


    Been into brass and bronze these days:
  2. EB Newfarm

    Three new brushes from Rudy

    Pretty stoked about my new brushes. If you have not worked with Rudy, you are missing out. I emailed him with a vision, and he worked out the details with me- and the results, well, take a look! Great knots, great design, great performance, great service!
  3. EB Newfarm

    New soaps coming, but I have a cold!

    I have a few new soaps and aftershaves that will arrive tomorrow in the mail, but I can't smell a thing! I went through my soaps today and smelled them- even Tabac, and could not pick up a single scent. No fun. I have a 4 day growth, and a wicked sharp straight all lined up, but I might as well...
  4. EB Newfarm

    Playing with photo filters

  5. EB Newfarm

    Is there a Rive Gauche clone that is a tallow and lanolin soap?

    I have been searching and spending money on guesses, and coming up empty. Anyone know of one? I tried the Razorrock and Fine soaps and wanted better performance although I liked the scent. The Oleo performance was close, but I wanted a discernible scent.
  6. EB Newfarm

    It is autumn, so that means it's time for Ozark Mountain!

    Leaves are changing, there is a nip in the air, frost will be coming soon, so tonight I broke out the OM and was reminded why I like it so much. I have been using a bunch of new soaps lately, B&M, Declaration, WK, but coming back to Stirling OM was great! It holds its own as far as slikery-ness...
  7. EB Newfarm

    My new Alpha T-400 Brush! (A Rubberset 400 tribute)

    I received my Alpha T-400 brush today and took it for a spin. I really like it. It is a tribute made from the Rubberset 400 brush design and it is very faithful to the original. I have bought a some Rubberset 400s and shined a few of them up and that is a fun project. I also have replaced the...
  8. EB Newfarm

    Coates cream

    I recently bought something on BST and the seller threw in a tube of Lime Coates Cream as a freebie. I really liked it both in scent and performance. I looked it up and saw it was discontinued, but still available from a guy who bought a lot of it up. Price was right so I ordered a few in every...
  9. EB Newfarm

    If I disliked Proraso's red creme...

    Does that mean I really don't like sandalwood scents? Performance was fine, I just did not agree with the scent. Should I not bother with sandalwood?
  10. EB Newfarm

    Another newbie 1st shavette shave

    I took the plunge today and tried my shavette that I have been staring at for a few weeks. I only did my cheeks and went WTG. I was fairly nervous and decided to quit while I was ahead and finished up with a DE. I had been reading here a lot about how to begin- I also found out after I bought...
  11. EB Newfarm

    Just had a Stirling Glacial Lime AF experience

    Um- wow! I shave my head as well , so my whole head feels like a block of ice- in a really good way. I can't stop saying WOW! WOW!
  12. EB Newfarm

    Tile floor + carelessness = sadness

    Going to try some superglue, but I can't imagine it will ever be the same. One of my favorite little brushes.
  13. EB Newfarm

    Picked up a nice restored Rubberset

    Model 1500 from ebay recently. It is a sweet little brush. The seller did a great restoration job- probably a good chance that he or she is a member. Anyway, here it is.
  14. EB Newfarm

    Anyone steam a knot out of a Razorback 400?

    I have one that I want to lose the synth and put in a badger, but I am looking for an easy removal without drilling or dremeling. I saw one post when I searched but it was inconclusive.
  15. EB Newfarm

    So, I loved my Omega boar, but not the handle.

    And I liked the handle of my WCS tortoise synthetic but was only so-so about the knot. So I steamed out the synth of the WCS, and whacked the Omega 10049 handle till the Boar knot fell out, and it was a perfect fit. Some silicone and easy-peasy. 20 mn of effort and a new favorite brush!And on a...
  16. EB Newfarm

    Took the Omega Mixed Midget out for a spin tonight...

    What a great little brush. I don't use it that much, but every time I do, it amazes me. Held lather for a 3 pass shave plus touch-up, and could have done more. Was a perfect mix of scritch/soft and punched way above its size. So small, inexpensive, and so capable, I'm thinking I could have had...
  17. EB Newfarm

    If you joined this year in April PIF

    I'd like to repay some of the kindness shown here, so I thought I would do my first Pay it Forward. I have bought way too much stuff- and its time to get rid of some things I no longer use. Looking for a brand new wet shaver (who joins in April of 2018) to set up with a brush, some cream, a...
  18. EB Newfarm

    "Last Christmas I"

    took one too many shots of peppermint schnapps and I crashed into the Christmas tree and ruined the celebration for everyone. I tried to put it behind me. Today I shaved with Stirling Ozark Mountain Soap and balm, and remembered my noel yuletide experience/disaster. Funny how olfactory...
  19. EB Newfarm

    Fat Bike

    Might be one of the last chances to go out and ride the rivers before spring.
  20. EB Newfarm

    RR American Barber Question

    I'm finding very small chunky dots of soap mixed in to my lather with this soap. I use a badger brush, plenty of hot water, and load normally and have tried both face and bowl lathering. Not sure if it is affecting the quality of the shave, but none of my other soaps do this. Probably no big...