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  1. rcooley

    Week of Monsavon: Nov 16 - Nov 22

    Just got my soap in the mail today and can't wait to try it! Thanks C_J, Rob
  2. rcooley

    If you only had one soap?

    AoS Sandalwood - great scent and very smooth shave. Rob
  3. rcooley

    Posting Pics?

    This is a posting test.
  4. rcooley

    Crabtree is back

    Also, they had Vetiver talcum powder and hand soap that were my all time favorites. I think they discontinued them years ago, but I still keep an eye open just in case they come back... Rob
  5. rcooley

    Acquisitions August 18 - 24

    That is one beautiful razor! I don't blame you for keeping it out of harm's way; I'd do the same myself.
  6. rcooley

    Acquisitions August 18 - 24

    Wow, that is one beautiful razor! I love the blade, the gold and the scales - like I said, WOW!
  7. rcooley

    Name My New Razor

    Burl Ives... if you're old enough to remember him. Rob
  8. rcooley

    Art of shaving sale

    The 20% off sale works in the stores as well. I went to the AOS in the Dallas Galleria this morning and bought a Sandalwood shaving soap in a bowl for $36.00, marked down from $45.00. There were no signs advertising the sale, but when I asked, the clerk assured me that everything in the...
  9. rcooley

    Acquisitions July 6 - 12

    I liked that one too, but dithered way too long. He who hesitates is lost... Rob
  10. rcooley

    Rescued by Muhle Pinsel

    I just ordered an Edwin Jagger Chatsworth with the horn handle. It is supposed to come with the new Muhle head. If it doesn't, it's going back. To me, the Muhle R89 has it over the Merkur C38, but we all have our different preferences - as they say, YMMV... Rob
  11. rcooley

    Edwin Jagger DE89 still the best!

    I've been thinking about it long enough - this testimonial pushed me over the edge and I just ordered it. Can't wait to see my new EJ Chatsworth with the horn handle... Rob
  12. rcooley

    Bubble mailer vs Box to mail razors

    A while back, I bought a "Mint Gold Tech" on the BST forum. The seller just threw the three pieces in a padded envelope without any padding to keep them from scratching each other. It wasn't a "Mint Gold Tech" when it arrived. You would expect common sense to prevent this. Most of us would...
  13. rcooley

    AOS prices

    I think their Sandalwood shaving soap is VERY expensive... but I love it! Oh well, it lasts a long time. Rob
  14. rcooley

    Edwin Jagger DE89 still the best!

    I have a new Muhle R89 which has the same head as the new EJ's. The R89 has become my favorite shaver and is, IMHO, vastly superior to the Merkur 38C which feels like a club. I want to get one of the new EJ Chatsworths with the horn handle - they look great and I know they shave well. Rob
  15. rcooley

    $1200 for a shaving brush?

    I was in an Art of Shaving store a few days before Fathers Day, and saw a very slick high-pressure salesman convince a couple of college age kids to spend $400 on some kind of shaving kit for their Dad. The salesman had no mercy and effectively guilt-tripped them into the deal. Sickening...
  16. rcooley

    My (New) Vintage Rooney

    That is very cool! Rob
  17. rcooley

    How many brushes do you own right now?

    Hmmm, let's see... I've got a Vulfix 2234, a Rooney 1/1 in fake ivory, a Rooney 3/1 Special in fake tortoise, two Kent BK4's and a vintage EverReady 500 I stole from an older brother in about 1963. What's next??? Rob
  18. rcooley

    Great service from Bullgoose!

    Phil at BullGoose is the best! He lets you know what is happening and ships immediately. A real pleasure to deal with. Rob
  19. rcooley

    Has King Gillette been completely retired?

    I guess "Extreme" has replaced "Turbo". It's all over my head - I still listen through vacuum tubes! Rob
  20. rcooley

    Acquisitions June 22 - 28

    Wow! Looks like you've got some keepers in there! Rob