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  1. DaveNJ74

    FS Plastic Weishi TTO DE

    Great little razor good for travel. It was hard to find but the razor wasn't for me. Hopefully someone else can enjoy it. Black Wish Twist To Open DE Razor - $20 CONUS
  2. DaveNJ74

    FS or FT Refurbished Simms Canada Silvertip Shaving Brush in 22mm

    I bought this brush recently off the bay, its a refurbished Simms shaving brush with a silvertip knot in 22mm. Its very nice and clean but a little too soft for my taste. Im willing to make an even trade for an AOS ( Art of Shaving ) ivory colored brush in Fine or Pure badger. For some reason I...
  3. DaveNJ74

    Art of Shaving change?

    Ive been out of the loop for a bit but did AOS change their soaps? I picked a puck of AOS Lavender soap at Nordstroms and it was a lighter color than I remember and it actually lathers up a little easier than it did before.
  4. DaveNJ74

    The pocket square.

    I am reading many different opinions online about whether the pocket square matches the tie or the shirt. Any advice?
  5. DaveNJ74

    Suit needs to be altered, where to have it done.

    I lost a bit of weight and being that I do not wear my suits often, when I did wear one a few weeks ago I was swimming in it. I thought of taking them to a local dry cleaners, the type where you change in a closet and come out and stand on a box when other customers are picking up their...
  6. DaveNJ74

    New hot water heater adventure.

    The hot water heater in our townhouse started dripping last night so I turned off the main water shutoff valve and we started to mop up the little water that leaked into our laundry room. I called the company which is to go unmentioned that we have a service contract with. I explained to them...
  7. DaveNJ74

    Speick shave stick case or cover.

    I just recently got a stick of Speick and I love it. I notice Speick doesnt provide a nice case or cover for it such as La Toja or D.R Harris. Any Speick fans know of they plan to make one or we just have to use pill bottles and foil.....:blink:
  8. DaveNJ74

    Facial scrubs and cleansers

    I just started to use Neutrogena's face clearing wash and it works wonders. Anyone use this? What else do other B&B members use?
  9. DaveNJ74

    Song in my head.. sounds like The Talking Heads but its not Bell X1

    I have this song in my head that comes on the radio every so often. It sounds like The Talking Heads but it isn't them and it's not Bell X1. I don't know the lyrics which would help but does anyone know some bands that get airtime that sound like The Talking Heads?
  10. DaveNJ74

    Free internet at home alternatives?

    I have a tripple play package with my home cable. This includes cable, internet and home phone. I know people have been ditching cable for a while along with home phone but I have not jumped on that bandwagon yet. I know you can tether internet from your smart phone and use it as a wireless...
  11. DaveNJ74

    Humphrey's witch hazel...

    Has anyone had any experience with Humphrey's? I just received my bottle and it smells just like TH Dickensons but not like Thayer's.
  12. DaveNJ74

    Favorite guitar solos...

    I know we have threads out there about your 5 favorite bands, favorite guitarists, song you cant live without and even 5 songs you would play in a juke box but what would be your favorite guitar solo or solos? Comfortably Numb
  13. DaveNJ74

    My first melting...

    Just melted 2 pucks of Van Der Hagen into a soup mug. I used the Deluxe and Select soaps. It took about a minute all together to melt and it's cooling now. Anyone ever try this?
  14. DaveNJ74

    Looking to get into Tea..... is Teavana any good?

    The Teavana shops are popping up all over my area. I have stopped in and sampled some of the tea they have and even bought some cups to go. Is Teavana a good place to buy Tea or are there cheaper places out there? Thanks
  15. DaveNJ74

    Am I a boar?

    Today I received my first boar brush, the Semogue 620. I just tried it out for a night shave. Amazing brush, I used VDH soap and it loaded very well. Can I expect this from all boar brushes? The 620 seems like it rough but when face lathering, it is nice and soft.
  16. DaveNJ74

    Anyone ever use this shaving bowl??

    http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/themudplace/2752924/wet_shaving_bowl_ridged_foaming_handled_cobalt_blue_iron_red_men_gift_dudes_guys/handmade/bath___beauty/men_s/other Looks nice. Was wondering if anyone had experience with it.
  17. DaveNJ74

    Shaving pic from Korean War

  18. DaveNJ74

    Abandoning the shaving cream boat...

    I was trying out different soaps and came to the conclusion that I am more of a soap guy than a cream guy. I sold off most of my cream except for 2 and moving towards soaps. Has anyone done this?
  19. DaveNJ74

    3 words... Van Der Hagen....

    I'm on such a Van Der Hagen kick right now it's not even funny. I just wish the presented their soaps in wooden bowls with fancy logos and stickers but then they would cost more I guess.
  20. DaveNJ74

    Cade soap question.

    I just read some reviews on the L'Occitane website about their shaving cream. The reviews were pretty poor because it seems they changed their formulation in their cream. Did they change the soap also?