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  1. Z blade

    Myrsol Aftershaves.

    I am pretty new to buying aftershaves, and love Fine Snake Bite very much. I have Skin Bracer, Clubman, and Pinaud Bay Rum as well. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the made in Spain Myrsol brand and types? Definitely cool looking bottles.
  2. Z blade

    Just received my BSB Shaving Brush - Dr. Dulcamara

    I ordered an aluminum, white badger, BSB a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived yesterday. All I can say is should a shaving brush be this beautiful? Should a shaving brush be this well made? It's nothing short of stunning! Pretty good backbone, and a beautiful knot marking/band/color. Fast...
  3. Z blade

    The Veg More Polarizing Than Politics/Religion

    I will start by saying I wasn't chosen. As a matter of fact, I am one to say it smells like a dirty urnial and lilacs. I really did want to be "chosen" before I knew what it was like for me to ever smell & wear it. Even though I really didn't like it, I am fascinated by the "legend" and...
  4. Z blade

    Favorite Menthol Aftershave?

    I have recently tried and like Skin Bracer, and really would like to try an Osage Rub. What are your favorite menthol aftershaves, and why is it your favorite? Should I just get the Clubman Osage Rub next? I really love the menthol, but not looking to smell like Listerine (I don't think)...
  5. Z blade

    Going to start going ATG as first pass.

    Well, I have been trying to use my AS-D2 to obtain a quick and super-smooth shave, and it has been mostly great, but the mildness of the razor required a 4 pass shave. My usual method is to go WTG, XTG, then ATG, but with the AS-D2, I always had a section of my right jaw line only that never...
  6. Z blade

    Lime juice instead of water?

    Tried a sample of a lime shaving cream (Limes & Pomegranate) and loved it. Haven't ordered any, but I am going to try squeezing fresh lime juice (half teaspoon) to use with my shave cream instead of water. Has anyone tried this? I love the way my hands smell after getting lime juice on them, so...
  7. Z blade

    Wolfman WRH2 handle just arrived

    What can I say? I am really blown away at how beautiful this handle is. Honestly, it is almost too perfect! I put it on one of my ATT's and it is not a good match because of its refined craftsmanship. Since I plan on putting it on a S2 Slant ATT head, I did a little experiment with the cap of...
  8. Z blade

    Disappointng shave with my gold, ball end Tech

    I am used to shaving with my ATT's, and Feather AS-D2. I had a Muhle R89, but gave it to my dad. All of these razors are fantastic shavers. Shaved with my Tech yesterday and it was not anywhere near as good as the other heavier razors. I think more than the aggressiveness is the weight issue...
  9. Z blade

    My infatuation with Vivien Leigh

    I sure we all have our favorite classic actresses, but Vivien Leigh just makes me daydream and feel uplifted when I look at her photos. Even when she was older she was still beautiful, but her early days of stunning beauty make my heart skip a beat.
  10. Z blade

    How often do you rotate your razor?

    Usually I use a razor for at least five days in a row. Sometimes seven. I do this so I can get the feel of it and get the best shave out of it before i switch to a different razor. I have been DE shaving for three years and still don't rotate different every day. I was wondering if anyone does...
  11. Z blade

    Always looking forward to my next shave.

    Even the same day I just achieved a beautiful BBS using my DE, I am longing to do it again with a different razor, etc. There is a short amount of satisfaction time for a few hours after a shave, however. All the years of my life (29) that I used a cartridge (Trac II, Sensor), I never enjoyed...
  12. Z blade

    Feather AS-D2 just needed to make one more pass for excellence.

    I have had my AS-D2 for three years now, and to be honest, I have come to love my more aggressive Above the Tie razors the best. Was very close to selling the Feather, but decided to try a 4-pass shave instead of my normal 3-pass. Well I am pleasantly surprised at the shave improvement for...
  13. Z blade

    Above the Tie Silvertip Brush losing up to 20 hairs per shave - help!

    I have one of the acrylic-handled ATT silvertip badger brushes that was acquired new, and is 3 years old. It gets used every other day. Never mistreated, and I "paint" my shaving cream on after bowl lathering with AoS shave cream (Ocean Kelp). Over the past year, the bristles have started...
  14. Z blade

    Weber Razor only making handles?

    Forgive me, I tried a search here, and for some reason, ay B&B my searches yield nothing always. ??? I see on the website that Weber only has handles now. What happened? I have been away from B & B a little while, and just noticed this when I wanted to buy. Same exact thing with UFO handles...
  15. Z blade

    Where to buy a Sabi T2 razor or handle?

    I read a post about a Sabi T2 handle, and really like the look and reviews. I am interested in a chrome plated one. I see the gold plated handle on one site, but not sure if I want to replace my nice ball end Gold Tech handle. Any suggestions?
  16. Z blade

    Anyone have a Standard razor - the solid aluminum type?

    I have been curious since I read about one mentioned in a thread here. The head looks very similar to a EJ, or a Muhle R89, and I am wondering how you like it? I love the look, and I am intrigued by the solid aluminum design. Any thoughts or opinions?
  17. Z blade

    100 feather blades for $16.50 on Amazon

    Just wanted to report that I ordered my second set of 100 Feathers for $26.50 after reading here about others doing it. When I ordered a Utopia razor a couple weeks before, the offer of getting $10 off the purchase by applying for an Amazon card made me think I would just get it free since it...
  18. Z blade

    Shaving companies that have NO STOCK on ANYTHING

    These folks make me laugh. I will not mention names, since a few are vendors, but there is nothing more lame in my opinion than being on a website that has absolutely NOTHING available. This seems to be a trend with shaving product manufacturers. Why have a website that has 99% of (supposed)...
  19. Z blade

    More praise for the Weber Bulldog handle.

    Just want to add my critique of this handle. I have a 7 piece Above the Tie set that has needed another handle and cap. I wanted the UFO to complete it but as you know they are not making handles anymore. :sad: I decided to order the Bulldog. Did so online, and it got here FAST, and packed like...