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  1. alx gilmore


    I can't resist sending my Very Best Wishes to The B&B community. Happy Holiday to all of you, and a Wonderful New Year of shaving. Alx
  2. alx gilmore


    How about some photos and information on how you sealed your stones, naturals or synthetics. This suita Jnat I wrapped in washi japanese mulberry paper and dipped for 5 coats of varnish. Don't forget to use blue tape to cover the side that you use for sharpening. Alex
  3. alx gilmore

    Taking photos of stones, what works and what does not.

    It is always exciting to unpack a stone to see it in your hands for the first time. A Coticule, a stone from Japan, an Apache or Arkansas beauty or others. But sometimes we are a bit disappointed in what we have gotten when compared to what we have been waiting for when it turns out to be dull...
  4. alx gilmore

    Kapton Tape, how I use it and it's advantages.

    I have used Kapton tape for about 2 years now and I would encourage anyone to try Kapton tape laid over the top of your 3M black tape when building a thick spine on wedge type razors or razors with decorative spines or as a means to reduce spine wear during restorations. I have even shielded the...
  5. alx gilmore

    MATCHING-UP STONES to STEELS Is there really such a thing? Jnats--Coticules?

    For Japanese naturals, has anyone ever found that some Jnat stones just work better with a certain razor and not another? And how about Coticules, has anyone found that certain layers seem to work better with certain steels? I just tested out a Jnat yesterday and found that with a modern...
  6. alx gilmore

    Taping an edge to prevent spine wear.

    Crazy thought here, has anyone tried to tape their edges to protect them while working out wonky spine issues on those Gold Dollars or other razors with deformed spines? Maybe not necessary but it should work. It would change the angle to some degree depending on the amount of work needed. Alex
  7. alx gilmore

    Talk about Sharp, the Kezuroukai is the place to be on October 8th

    Early next month, Oct. 8th the Kezuroukai USA will be in Los Gatos, California near San Jose. It will be a one day event that will be wall to wall demonstrations and will include 10 master crafts persons giving talks and demo's on sharpening, hewing wood, chisel and plane work, building and...
  8. alx gilmore

    Diamond Plate-Diamond Nagura-DN-Diamond Lapping Plate-History Use & Lore

    The diamond lapping plate, so useful without out one I would struggle a bit. Who invented them and which ones do you hate or love? I use the Atoma myself but still have a few of the plastic based DMT's around. Alex
  9. alx gilmore

    Honing Video using Jnat to remove scratches

    Here is a video I made last week that shows removing Shapton 500 and King 1000 grit scratches. It is not my best video and the title on the top should read USING 3 STONES TO CREATE THREE DIFFERENT SCRATCHES ON ONE RAZOR Alex
  10. alx gilmore

    Honing a razor using TheAx2Method

    Lately I have been developing a new honing method that is based on TheAxMethod that uses a diminishing stroke count so that each of the sides of the razor are balanced. My new TheAx2Method takes it a bit further and adds 2 extra steps. I still like the idea of beginning with a slurry generated...
  11. alx gilmore

    Filling in and sealing cracks on stone sides

    Can anyone give me any tips on dealing with wide cracks on the sides of stones? I don't want to lacquer them yet but would like to stableize the cracks deep inside and to seal the openings of the cracks without painting or covering the whole surface surrounding the cracks. The widest one or two...
  12. alx gilmore

    Getting in a little deeper at the Shobudani Mine site

    It took about one year of build up the guts of the information from several sources to find it but, Emiko and I were able to locate several mine tunnels and diggings in the Shobudani area this past week. The lowest elevation site there was also a few old rusted pieces of a mechanical cable...
  13. alx gilmore

    Show us how you use your natural japanese stones (101)

    There may be hundreds of ways to use a Japanese natural stone to hone a razor, partly because they are so different from one stone to another. Beyond learning about the origin of the stones, when honing razors you pretty much need to approach each stone as a study in itself which can be a...
  14. alx gilmore

    Photos of Alternate Grit Pattern Stones, Show Yours

    Some stones have blotches of alternate mineral content, whether the blotches are toxic or not, softer or not, helpful or not they are always showy and unique. Japanese naturals seem to have a wide variety of dual color or contrast stones, how about European stones too? Below is my Nakayama...
  15. alx gilmore

    WHAT DIDN'T YOU HONE TODAY, the Bad,Baddest,Worstest

    WHAT DIDN'T YOU HONE TODAY, the Bad,Baddest,Worstest. Just for fun, what didn't you hone today. I want to see the uglist. What was this guy thinking?
  16. alx gilmore

    Japanese Naturals Love*Show off your rock

    Here is one rock that I will never sell. Do I love it, ya. I don't know what mine it came from, it does not look 20th century. The back is shaped like to top crust of a loaf of bread and snuggles down nicely into the wooden dai. Alex
  17. alx gilmore

    Is japanese natural awasedo grit really friable?

    The question comes up every once in a while about the friablity of the grit particles in Japanese natural stones. Sometimes it goes like this from our fine partner here Mr. Honer Simpson. The common narrative on the subject has always been both here and in Japan that, Yes, the grit is...
  18. alx gilmore

    Does this HARDNESS SCALE look silly, or can you make suggestons.

    I have always struggled with the 1-5++++ hardness scale for razors but have used a 1-10 scale for tool size stones, but in either case the stones for razors in the 1-5 scale have always fallen into the 4+, 5-, 5, 5+ and or course the famous 5+++ ranges. So what is the point of having the numbers...
  19. alx gilmore

    Buying Nakayama Stones from Ohira and Imanishi

    It is still possible to buy really high grade stones from the smaller retailers, wholesalers and miners in Japan like Brooksie mentions, even by e-mail if you are lucky for a lot less then if you were to go to a stone boutique like Hatanaka-san has in Kyoto or Morihei in Tokyo. Some of the shops...
  20. alx gilmore

    Straight Razor Forum RORSCHACH BLOT Impression

    Below is a card I created with about as much physical skill that I would use to hone a razor, there are slight flaws. I only ask that you look at the shapes and record your impressions. There are no instructions. Please feel free to express yourself in any way you seem fit to do so. Alx