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  1. EB Newfarm

    Chubby 3 Simpsons - Head shaving - 2nd thought

    The Chubby 3 is a fine brush for shaving one's face and head all in 3 passes! I load mine up with the wool fat and it becomes, well, almost dangerous as the the lather explodes!
  2. EB Newfarm

    Watch Ya Wearing

  3. EB Newfarm

    Just ordered this brush from Rudy Vey!

    My Rudy brushes are the only ones in the den that I will never part with. He has a business model of customer service, quality product, solid communication and fair pricing. If only everyone else did too.
  4. EB Newfarm

    Head Shavers: How Often?

    Every other day, with whatever razor I am using. Although when I am working on using my SR, I use whatever DE is loaded up at the time. 3 passes = feels good.
  5. EB Newfarm

    Watch Ya Wearing

    The March selection.
  6. EB Newfarm

    Post Your Catch

    First fish of the decade! Cold day, tiny nymphs.
  7. EB Newfarm

    I'm Thinking of Buying One and Only One Synthetic | Which One Should I Buy?

    I keep trying different synthetics and end up disappointed. I make sure I like the handle, so later when I replace the knot with a badger I still consider it a success. A lot of really nice handles available...
  8. EB Newfarm

    B&M soap give away.

    I would like to try it, I am a fan of Orange scents and this sounds interesting. Thanks for the chance!
  9. EB Newfarm

    Problems with Mitchell’s Wool Fat

    I have really soft water, so that might be the thing. I do, however, load more than usual when I use Mitchell's and I end up with a nice and creamy lather. It is my favorite soap among many. Please don't give up- it is worth making it work. Use more product! Try loading so much you think you...
  10. EB Newfarm

    Fly Tying

    Hey Mark, I like those flymphs! The would be great for the kind of trout fishing I do. What are the materials?
  11. EB Newfarm

    Oud Aftershave?

    Stirling Agar took some getting used to, but now I like it. WK King of Our is hard to argue with- very nice agreeable scent.
  12. EB Newfarm

    Fly Tying

    Midges lately. Couple dozen for some cold water Wisconsin Driftless action I keep dreaming about.
  13. EB Newfarm


    This is my flock. I like the demo and green stripe as well!
  14. EB Newfarm

    Your one go to soap for all seasons

    fat. the wool fat. MWF. really, c'mon now. the fat. I really enjoy many soaps, but my first love is the fat. I do admit I live in a location with some of the world's best water. But it really performs for me.
  15. EB Newfarm

    PIF: West Coast Shaving-Zingari Man "SOLOIST"

    If I can still join, I would like to be in with another vote for Miles Davis.
  16. EB Newfarm

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Thanks, it is a Max Bill. I wear a lot of sporty watches, but every time I put this one on, I realize the understated perfection of the design. I do wish it had a display back, but I guess since it has a common movement, I'm probably not missing much.
  17. EB Newfarm

    Tame ATT Stainess razor

    I got bit a few times using Nacets in my ATT M1, but with GSBs it has been better. The opposite was true for my timeless bronze, nacets were smooth, but GSBs were troublesome. I am coming around to the idea that each of my razors has the perfect blade to pair it with.
  18. EB Newfarm

    Watch Ya Wearing

    I'll be sporting this one for February.
  19. EB Newfarm

    Hard life lessons

    Remember that only you can stop narcissism.