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  1. oldtree

    special night

    tonight was special, it began with an 18yr old macallan to wash down a 2 lb 2 inch thick ribeye covered with blue cheese (stilton aged ) , caramelized garlic and vadalia onions the; ribeye was cooked rare and allowed to rest 10 minutes before cutting.
  2. oldtree

    moon festival

    when is the moon festival and moon cakes
  3. oldtree

    honey suckle is in bloom

    For the first time this year the honey suckle is in bloom i can not tell you how nice it is to brew a cup of tea with a handful of fresh blooms in green or white tea. Running along the back of my house i have 40ft of wooden fence that was taken over by honey suckle 50 yrs ago. Every year i pick...
  4. oldtree


    I am going to try hibiscus tea for blood pressure, is there anyone who might know how much (in grams to water ratio) i should use?