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  1. J

    How long before beard oil?

    Hello gents, Have read a few threads here, but nothing specific to my question. So, how long should a beard generally be before requiring extra care, such as washing or oils? Mine is as long as I’m going to grow it, and I keep it trimmed with the 16mm guide on my Norelco. Naturally, it feels...
  2. J

    Face cleanser for acne, but non-drying?

    Hello all, Had bad acne as a teenager, and was pretty well fixed up after a course of Accutane. For some reason, at 35, I'm starting to get some moderate patches again. Mostly on the sides/back of my neck and around my lips, but sometimes front of neck as well. Had been using Dove Men+...
  3. J

    DE89 issue?

    Hello all, Have been reading a bit about some having alignment issues when using Feather blades in the EJ DE89. Lately, I've noticed that sometimes it feels like there's no blade in my razor. Razor has been dropped a few times, but not sure if that's the issue or if it's just the...
  4. J

    Cream similar to discontinued Dove?

    Hello all, Been using Dove Men+Care Expert shave cream (in the tub) with Feather blades for a while now. Enjoyed the combo, never had a bad shave with it. As most know, they've discontinued the cream and I'm left trying to find a similar replacement :(. Tried Proraso red, as everyone seems...
  5. J

    Average blade life?

    Hello all, New here, so I apologize if this has been beaten to death... How many shaves do you typically get per blade? I've been using Crystals, and am happy with them for the most part. Seems like on the 3rd or 4th shave though, I'm getting more irritation and requiring more passes...
  6. J

    Worst shave I can remember :

    Hello all, New here, and went for my second DE shave tonight. Using a DE89 with Derby blades, said to be a gentle combo for beginners. First shave was Tuesday night, and hadn't shaved for approx. a week and 3 days before then. That time went okay, only one small cut on my adam's apple (didn't...
  7. J

    Jovan Musk?

    Hello all, I know some of you either love or hate Jovan Musk as a fragrance, but how effective is it as an aftershave? Typically have some irritation, plan to start using witch hazel. Have always worn Jovan as a cologne though, curious how well it works for irritation. May use both :)...
  8. J

    First DE shave routine?

    Hello all, New here, so go easy on me if this has been beaten to death :). Did some searching, but found mixed advice... Have a DE89 hopefully coming in tomorrow, also ordered the EJ soaps and brush. I see some recommend keeping the usual routine for the first few DE shaves, like same...