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  1. sanch

    Looking for one of these!!

    As the title says I'm looking for Gem Junior 1901-? Must be a shaver! Looking to do some trading for one if anyone is interested please send me a PM! Here's a pic of what I'm looking for (borrowed pic)
  2. sanch

    Travel strop.

    Here's my take on a travel strop, part of the inspiration came from my "Palm stropping post" .. The leather is double layer vegtan glued together flesh side to flesh side, blade side layer is 8oz thick the back layer is 6oz I still am going to stitch them together after I run a stitching...
  3. sanch

    Newest off my bench

    Made this one for a member here (you know who you are) Veg tanned, 3" wide 25" oal handle is riveted with hand peened copper rivets as well as the door knob strap. Why rivets? My stitching awl gave up the ghost making the holes as I was finishing the stitching on the hanger portion! There...
  4. sanch

    Palm stropping?

    I'm sure this has been talked about at length but here it is Palm stopping myth, hype pointless? Who actually does this? Skin is leather, (alive, mostly supple) leather, leather is skin (dead all be it) but still skin... Yes I know there are too many differences (I'm a leather worker) So my...
  5. sanch

    I'm back with a statement....

    Ok since the Jade "our136" debacle is "officially" over and my RAD is under control (not likely) I had to come back and make a quick statement... By and large I had stopped using my straights I went back to DE and kami style FAC SS and CAC SS (FAC clones) the results of the shaves have been...
  6. sanch

    Razor Rock Hawk v2

    As the title says I'd like to find a RazorRock Hawk v2 preferably in Black or silver! Yes I am aware they can be purchased fairly inexpensively! I am open to either purchasing or trading some custom leather work for one (details to be discussed) if anyone is interested PM me! Thanks!
  7. sanch

    Sad times

    Last Tuesday marked the last of my desire to straight razor shave. I got out my Jade "Our 136" to strop before the nights shave only to find the edge looked like a Halloween Jack-o'-lantern and the blade itself was cracked beyond saving.... How did this happen.... No one in the home can say...
  8. sanch

    $40 eBay Coti ??

    I gotta know who has taken a chance on the cheap New Ardennes-Coticule from eBay they are being sold by what looks to be an outdoor sports supplier... My guess would be they are fine for knives but for our purposes?
  9. sanch

    Since it's brush related.. Saint Sue Moore.

    Ok so I'm getting a late start at these but I figured I'd try to be done in time for the auction... See my travel option thread... These will fit Omega Bambino and smaller sizes brushes as well as anything up to 1/2" taller... Knife to hide. Bodies cut out. Edges rounded... Cutting out ties.. I...
  10. sanch

    Travel option

    So a long time ago when I used to travel as my job required I wanted a better (cooler) way to store my brushes because I got tired of the pill bottle so I made this brush roll. It's primary purpose was to protect the knot of course! Mini badger wrapped up Omega mini and how it works hope this...
  11. sanch

    Restoration of my RSO

    Way back when I tried my hand at making razors I hand forged this piece of 5160 into a One piece RSO it's 5/8 and the blade is approximately 2 1/2" long. The grind is a 1/4 hollow. Now that I have a better grasp of how to hone I re-set the bevel and took her through the progression of film from...
  12. sanch

    Naval Brass

    Tonight I knotted my newest handle it was made for me by my friend who taught me how to use the Hardinge manual lathe. The only regret I have is that I had to sacrifice the knot from my BWP... The handle is solid Naval Brass enjoy the pix.. Post shave and next to the BWP handle. Pre shave after...
  13. sanch

    Lapping Film questions...

    For those who use film to hone who are you? show your set up. Have you transitioned to rocks? Why did you transition? What rocks did you transition to? How do your edges compare to the edge from film? And if all these questions have been asked and answered well let's revisit them!
  14. sanch

    DIY show me stand. Let's see yours!!

    Here's an idea simple and cheap as cheap gets! I accidentally found a Moonshine bottle cork from way back when I used to partake and thought to myself hey I bet ..so...I took a sharp knife to it and some 100 grit sandpaper paper... What's good is the cork is synth/rubber (any higher end single...
  15. sanch

    Didn't know where else to post it!

    Here is a new show me stand that I made today, it is 6061 aluminum.
  16. sanch

    Wade help

    Ok so I got really curious about the approximate birth year of my Wade I did some research but not enough I'm sure! So like any lazy hooman I'm here asking for some help! Here's some previously posted pix hopefully they help. AND thanks in advance to all responders!! Happy shaves and fruitful...
  17. sanch

    Ultem scrap

    Had a 2" piece of scrap from my last brush decided to play around on the Hardinge and see I could eek out another handle. It's approx 1 7/8 in Long and is bored out for a 22 mm knot, which I just so happened to have on hand. Yes it's another scritchy old boar! I seen a shape that was appealing...
  18. sanch

    B-day resto

    Okay so here we go! Started this one today! Half a century young restoring a Torrey "Our 136" woooieeee! So first the bad. The scales are Garbage... They are definitely gassing and I am not having that come near any of my other razors! Not a huge issue because I already have a plan. Next the...
  19. sanch

    Sacrificial pig

    Had some time, material and access to a Hardinge lathe today so I made a handle for another piggy. Here she is the Big Honey Boar Custom.. epoxy setting as I type... Material-Ultem Handle dimensions- 85mm long x 31mm diameter Sacrificial brush- Omega 10049 cuz I love my BWP (same knot) Had...
  20. sanch

    Big blades

    So it seems finding anything in the neighborhood of 7/8 8/8 15/16 and so on to restore is almost always gonna cost 3 figures as in one bill at the least, is this common at this time? I obviously have not been collecting very long and the handful I have vary from worn 5-6/8 mind you I am very...