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  1. CincyDawg


  2. CincyDawg

    Is anyone stockpiling shaving supplies on account of the Corolla?

    Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.
  3. CincyDawg

    Is anyone stockpiling shaving supplies on account of the Corolla?

    Given my stash, I’m likely good for the next decade. However, if I end up quarantined, I’m fearful my SAD will kick in worse than ever and be uncontrollable.
  4. CincyDawg

    Foodsaver Model

    After you’ve tried it out for a bit, let us know what you think of it.
  5. CincyDawg

    Coronavirus and Sports

    Just saw where March Madness will be without fans.
  6. CincyDawg

    Sheet Pan Dinners

    Sheet pan dinners are great. We do something similar with gnocchi, onions, peppers, butternut squash, a touch of rosemary and Italian sausage. Just before removing from the oven, we’ll turn on the broiler for a minute to just crisp up the edges a bit on the gnocchi and sausage pieces
  7. CincyDawg

    Best Feel-Good News Stories of 2020

    Not only played against his home town team, but beat them. And still the home town fans gave him a rousing standing ovation. The joy in his voice and on his face is awesome.
  8. CincyDawg

    Does anyone remember an Old Spice Aftershave Balm?

    The white bottle is the one I remember.
  9. CincyDawg

    Does anyone remember an Old Spice Aftershave Balm?

    You’re not imagining it, I remember it with the long neck.
  10. CincyDawg

    Foodsaver Model

    Watching with interest. Have an ancient Foodsaver and likely to be in a similar position soon.
  11. CincyDawg

    Lee Child/Jack Reacher

    Maybe there is some hope..... Lee Child’s brother takes over Jack Reacher series
  12. CincyDawg

    Lee Child/Jack Reacher

  13. CincyDawg

    Bank ATM rant

    Guess they lost out. Sadly that’s par for the course these days.
  14. CincyDawg

    Stinky & muddy badger brush. Out of ideas. Help!

    I’ve never had one that bad. I’ve had good success soaking brushes in a mug with a solution of warm water and Oxyclean.
  15. CincyDawg

    A Gun for Armadillo

    Armadillos have been a real problem in our area of Georgia. Several months ago they started tearing up our lawn searching for food. Tried several repellants that had no effect and finally had a trapper set up a couple of traps. He was able to determine the route they were taking and in less than...
  16. CincyDawg

    2008 B&B brush -- who's got 'em?

    I've had one since the beginning however, the knot came loose in the last year or two so I had to reset it. It’s still going strong and part of my regular rotation.
  17. CincyDawg

    Lee Child/Jack Reacher

    Think I’ve read all of Nick Petrie’s. Enjoyed them & looking forward to the new one in January.
  18. CincyDawg

    What do you think about cholesterol meds?

    I’m on atorvastatin and a blood thinner due to atherosclerosis. I haven’t had significant side effects but I also take a CoQ10 supplement. Statins can lower the levels of CoQ10 within the body and taking a supplement can help with side effects.