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  1. razorhead63

    La Toja?

    I am thinking about purchasing some La Toja shave stick, like a pack of 3. What’s it like? Is it a good product? All responses much appreciated!!
  2. razorhead63

    Gillette Blades

    Hi guys. Out of all the Gillette branded blades, which one is your favorite? If you have a favorite one I mean. For me I think that I like the Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge the most... slightly more than the GSB blades which used to be my favorite...ones. They never fail me with their...
  3. razorhead63

    Canned Cream

    Hey guys, you know this might sound like heresy but I’m really thinking about going back to using canned foam again. My shaves lately will the Gillette Foamy have been really good. Very very close. The cushion and slickness doesn’t seem way less than my brush creams and soaps .... and no brush...
  4. razorhead63

    Pinaud Bay Rum ?

    I have the basic Pinaud Clubman aftershave lotion and I really love it. It’s my favorite one at the moment. How is the Bay Rum version? Is it good? Been thinking of getting some! Razorhead
  5. razorhead63

    Nivea Balm

    I had been only using alcohol based aftershaves on my face post shave but needed more relief for my dried out skin so I bought some Nivea sensitive balm. Put some on today and it seems like good stuff. Will use it now after every shave to protect my face. I like the price of it. It’s cheap...
  6. razorhead63

    Lousy Blade

    Tonight I shaved with a German made Wilkinson Sword blade that I had purchased at a local store. They cost 1.99 for 5 so I bought a pack. I wasn’t sure what to expect of them but had read different opinions of them in the past. Some good some bad. So I put the new blade into one of my Tech...
  7. razorhead63

    Blade Rotation

    I’m one here who likes to do a blade rotation constantly. I have 4 different brands of blades I’m currently using with varying amounts of shaves on them. Using just one blade till it wears out seems really boring to me. I keep a record of it on my wall calendar in pencil. It’s fun to do...
  8. razorhead63

    Favorite Blade in the Tech

    Hi guys. What is your favorite blade to use in a Tech razor? Which blade performs the best in it? For me it’s the GSB followed closely by the Gillette Yellow. Sharper blade plus mild razor works for me. And I’ve read here that many shavers in the forum here feel the same way. I’m looking forward...
  9. razorhead63

    TOBS Fan

    Today I used TOBS Coconut cream and got a fantastic shave. Close and smooth. I have 3 more of their creams and really love them. For the price value I find them a top shelf product. Not too expensive at all and as good as creams that cost way more. They’ve replaced Cella as my favorite item to...
  10. razorhead63

    I Wish

    I love this hobby so much that I WISH that I could shave daily. Normally I strive for and get a BBS shave so 24 hours isn’t long enough for me to require another shave then. My face can’t tolerate it either. That’s a bummer for me and during that time interval I’m often thinking about what...
  11. razorhead63

    One Blade Only

    Hi guys! If you had only one brand of blade to use for the rest of your life what would it be? In my case it would be GSBs. They are a great balance of smooth and sharpness. For a second choice it would be Gillette Yellows. They cut well! And are not too expensive. What’s your blade? I am very...
  12. razorhead63

    Harry’s Gift

    Today for Xmas my sister gave me a Harry’s shave club razor. It’s got 5 blades on the cartridge. It came with a small can of shave gel. I might use it occasionally as I love shaving DE most of the time. Not sure how much replacement cartridges cost. Actually not sure I want to use it at all...
  13. razorhead63

    Shaving Time

    How long does it take you to shave from beginning to end? From the lathering till the cleanup I mean. In my case it’s about 10 to 15 minutes, not much more than that. All responses much welcomed! Razorhead
  14. razorhead63

    Awesome Shave

    Ah just gotta say that I got one of my most comfortable shaves ever just now. I used a fresh Gillette Yellow , a blade I hadn’t had or used for awhile in my ‘62 Tech and it cut through my day and a half stubble effortlessly. The soap was Proraso Green a new favorite . These 7 o’clock Sharp Edge...
  15. razorhead63

    No More Purchases?

    Who here is satisfied with what they have concerning shave gear and not wanting much if anything else? I’ve been trying to tame my acquisition disorders and lately it’s been tough. And I thought I was a minimalist! A Rockwell 6c s looking good to my eyes currently... so is another brush.
  16. razorhead63

    Blade Cost Per Year

    Hi guys. I’m curious, how much are you spending on blades on average for your blades in a years time? I know this might be a hard question to answer because some blades cost more than others and we all use blades randomly according to our own changing habits. Just a good estimate is needed here...
  17. razorhead63

    Astra Platinums?

    Hi guys. I’m curious, how sharp are Astra SPs in comparison to other blades? Are they sharper than GSBs or Personnas? Who here favors them over other blades? Please give me info on this!
  18. razorhead63

    Rockwell Razor?

    Hi, I’ve got a simple question. How well does the Rockwell razor shave. I’ve read that it’s adjustable with the different plates that it has. How mild is the lowest plate in comparison to other razors? How aggressive is the highest plate? I’ve seen the 6c model at 50 bucks through Amazon...
  19. razorhead63

    Proraso Green

    I love Proraso Green soap and it’s menthol eucalyptus sscent. It lathers well and is quite slick enough to provide a great shave! I realize that it’s not considered a top tier soap but in all respects it’s decent and very reasonably priced. Who can ask for more? Who else here is a fan of this...
  20. razorhead63

    Blade Addiction

    Lately I’ve been wanting to acquire more and more blades... enough to last me for 30 yrs or so. I’ve got close to 400 again now, and want to get up to maybe 800 perhaps. Who else here has a blade addiction like me or is a blade hoarder? I’m not into trying to many various blades just want to...