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  1. Nando723

    Replating Service in or around New York City

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just sent him a PM. :001_cool:
  2. Nando723

    Replating Service in or around New York City

    Just bought my third vintage DE razor and would like to have them all replated. Does anyone know of a good and reliable service in or around the New York City area that would replate these razors. Any information would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:
  3. Nando723

    Edwin Jagger Chrome Chatsworth Safety Razor VS. EJ DE89L Safety Razor

    Looking to buy another safety razor and can't decide between the Edwin Jackson Chatsworth or the DE89L. I like razors a bit on the heavy side. Anyone have any experience with either of these or both? I would really appreciate any information or advice to help me choose. Thanks! :thumbup:
  4. Nando723

    How international were you today?

    Portugal - Semogue 1460 Germany - Merkur 34c HD Italy - Cella Israel - Personna Platinum France - OSMA Bloc d' Alun England - D.R Harris Sandalwood
  5. Nando723

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Semogue 1460
  6. Nando723

    What's your soap for today?

  7. Nando723

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Personna Platinum (2)
  8. Nando723

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    D.R. Harris Sandalwood "It is so choice"
  9. Nando723

    Razor Carousel

    Nice! I bet you could sell those on here if you made more. I know I'd buy one. :thumbup:
  10. Nando723

    NYC recommendations

    Pasteur Pharmacy is the place to go in NYC. I went there this past Thursday and met the owner who was very helpful and kind. They have a huge selection of shaving products and at good prices. They also have sample bottles (Mostly Aftershaves) so you can try before you buy, which is great if...
  11. Nando723

    Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

    Just a random question, have you ever used the Lilac Vegetal after shave? If so what color was it? I just picked up a bottle and the color looks to be different from what I have seen online. Also the scent is very mild and the little scent I do get isn't all that great. I've read so many...
  12. Nando723

    How international were you today?

    Portugal: Semogue 1460 Boar Italy: Cella Red Tub France: Clubman Pinaud Orginal / Osma Alum Bloc Germany: Merkur 34c HD USA: Gillette 7O'clock Super Platinum
  13. Nando723

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Merkur 34c HD with Gillette 7'Oclock Black Super Platinum Blade (1). BBS :thumbup:
  14. Nando723

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Semogue 1460 Boar, Still breaking it in!
  15. Nando723

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Clubman Pinaud Original Aftershave. I don't know this is my everyday go to. Its something about that vintage smell I can't get over.
  16. Nando723

    Astra SP Finally Comes Good - After 18 shaves

    I find that after 3 or 4 shaves all my blades tend to decrease in effectiveness. Whenever I've tried to push a blade past 3 or 4 shaves I find I get really bad shaving burns and bumps so I have adopted the 3-4 shave only rule. Don't know if its because I leave the blade in the razor between...
  17. Nando723

    UNEDITED, SOTD "themed week" 3rd September - 9th September 2012

    Merkur 34c HD Razor Gillette 7'Oclock Super Platinum Blade Semogue 1460 Boar Cella Red Tub Osma Alum Bloc Clubman Original Aftershave
  18. Nando723


    Nice kit! Just tried those Gillette 7'Oclock Super Platinum today and they shave great! BBS shave :thumbup: Could you tell me where you got that Razor stand in the pic. I could really use one of those???
  19. Nando723

    Beginner Questions for DE Razor Recommendation

    Below I have provided two links to Amazon. The first is for the Merkur 34c DE razor which is the first razor I ever bought and it is still the razor I use today. On that same link in the section marked "Frequently Bought Together" you will find a Tweezerman shaving Brush and a stand for both the...
  20. Nando723

    Newbie - stick with Feather or back to Derby?

    I just started using a Feather blade from my sampler and I had the same first experience. I stuck with the blade each cut better and better with every shave. It became more forgiven but still cut like the first shave. On my 4th or 5th shave. Keep with it you won't regret it.:thumbup: